Why Number 4 and 8 Are Not Good in Numerology *2021 Update*

If you’re just getting into Numerology, you may have heard that select numbers have a bad reputation for bringing in bad luck. The reality is that no number is intrinsically better or worse than another.

All numbers, from 1 – 9 to master numbers 11, 22, and 33, have positive and negative characteristics that will impact us across our lifetime.

Know that every number is important — without every single one, there would be chaos. Each number, whether single or compound, vibrates at different frequencies.

The particular combinations in your chart, as well as the number energies that you surround yourself with, will dictate your strengths and weaknesses.

Why Number 4 and 8 are Bad Numbers in Numerology

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As humans, one of our jobs during this lifetime is to balance our energies for the greater good of society. We have to understand balance.

When one trait becomes dominant in your personality, you can bring in bad luck and failure. The first step to avoiding negative traits taking over is by understanding critical numbers on your chart.

Today, we’re going to walk through numbers 4 and 8.

Everything About The Number Four

Number four people are ruled by Uranus, which is considered to be one of the most active yet destructive planets. It is willing to revolutionize and create change.

It’s not afraid to step outside the norm and cause disorder. Some believe that this planet controls natural disasters and isn’t a force to be reckoned with.

When in alignment with other energies, this planetary force can invent incredible things and create a lasting difference.

When you let some of the negative aspects of your number get the best of you, you will find life to be difficult, both socially and emotionally.

Here are some of the negative traits you may struggle with during your lifetime:

Rebellious Nature

If you are ruled by the number four, you are likely quite unique. Those around you may call you free-spirited or even rebellious. Just like Uranus, you are eager to defy what others around you are doing and march to the beat of your own drum.

Sometimes you may feel at odds with others, like a black sheep that never blends in with the crowd. You are not willing to settle and match the energy from those around you. If you don’t understand or disagree with a rule or law, you may be the type to rebel.

You’re not afraid to get in trouble — if anything, you may enjoy the feeling of revolting against societal norms. While creating change and questioning the system can be looked upon fondly, you should be careful to not go too far.

You could find yourself alienating others and creating unintentional chaos.

Being Stubborn

Your four energy can also make you rigid and stubborn in your ideas and lifestyle. You may not be willing to change and adapt to accommodate others. This could cause you issues in the workplace or your home life.

Rather than listening to others’ opinions, you may shut people down and argue that your way is the best. By sticking to a single perspective, you may find that it’s difficult to be creative.

Keep in mind – If you are an overly creative person and like to keep to yourself, you may have strong connection to Soul Urge Number 7.

If you are in a career that demands new ideas, it is critical that you collaborate sometimes or else you may find yourself stagnant and unhappy. Uranus — the house of change and invention, rules you after all.

Limiting Yourself and Others

As a number four, you tend to abide by strict rules that you assign yourself. Do you force yourself to wake up at 5 am and complete a monotonous list of tasks?

Maybe you eat lunch every day at noon sharp. Or you only allow yourself to drink coffee three days a week.

While creating and following a routine may bring some stability to your life, it can also be limiting. You may find yourself stuck in a low-paying job for long periods of time. And it may be difficult to meet new friends and acquaintances without branching out.

Unexpected changes or disturbances to your plans may frazzle you, leaving you unsettled or even maddened. You must learn to let go and realize that there are external influences that will impact the ebbs and flows of your life.

You can only control what is within your grasp and that is enough. Be committed to what makes you happy, but don’t feel like you ever have to be tied down. Change is possible for your life; you just need to let life happen.

Being Too Critical

You are a great worker and tend to be practical and disciplined in every area of your life. For this reason, you have no respect or tolerance for others who do not have your drive or determination. You can be overly critical and make them feel unworthy.

This comes from your sense of responsibility and feeling of obligation. When others around you aren’t doing their part, you may feel frustrated and restricted.

Your critical nature can put a heavy weight on others. You would greatly benefit from being more flexible and stopping comparing yourself to others.

Remember that everyone is on his or her own life path and will do things in their own time. Releasing your judgments will bring peace to you and others.

Everything About The Number Eight

Saturn, the most powerful planet of all, rules number eight people. The furthest planet away from us, Saturn represents adventure and boundless discovery. Those influenced by this planet are determined to rise above any challenge and reach greater heights.

They find comfort in going where no one else has gone. You are ambitious, strong-willed, and will give 500% to everything you touch. But what makes it your downfall?

Here are some of the negative traits you may struggle with during your lifetime:

Will Work Too Hard

As the ‘CEO’ of all of the numbers, you are willing to go above and beyond in the workplace. You’re eager to put in the hours to make sure that everything gets done.

You need to be careful to not let your intensity in the workplace take control of your life.

If you don’t create a balance between all aspects of your life, you may find yourself lonely and in poor health. Exercise and meditation can do wonders. Some calm practices will help you better overcome hurdles and challenges in the workplace and at home.

Become More Materialistic

Those under the influence of eight tend to not have trouble making money. Your strong work ethic and determination help you manifest anything you want in life. You are willing to push ahead, not letting anything stand in your way from achieving your next ambition.

But at points, you can let your ego get in the way. You are never satisfied with what you have — and will push the limits. Eights are known to risk it all to make more.

You may be easily impressed by others and what they have. Some could say you’re interested in ‘keeping up with the Joneses.’

When you let this desire grab ahold of you, you may find yourself in trouble. It is important for you to take a step back and understand what you really want.

What drives you? Look deep inside and find out what truly matters. Don’t let money get to your head. Let it bring value to your life rather than taking you away from what matters most like your relationships or health.

Controlling Situations

Influenced by Saturn, you are seeking power in this lifetime. You will put everything and more into all that you do. You put tremendous time and effort into your craft and truly are filled with knowledge. At times, you let your gift get to your head.

While you may be destined to manage a team or be the head of your household, be careful to not control others. Because of your vast experience, you may feel entitled to make decisions for others.

Your challenge in this lifetime is to balance your innate desire to lead with letting others learn for themselves.

You are a great teacher with much to share, but you need to be careful to not let it become overbearing. Try taking a step back and see your actions from the perspective of others. You may be surprised to see the truth.

Difficult to Get to Know

Do you find yourself misunderstood a lot by others? It’s not surprising given your mysterious ways. Eights tend to keep emotions deep inside and have a hard time expressing their fears to others.

This can be especially problematic in the beginning stages of a friendship or romantic relationship as many will have trouble getting to know the real you. It is common for eights to focus all of their attention on work but neglect their emotions.

Take this as a sign to confront what is bothering you and share with those closest to you. You may find that by opening up and sharing your true self, you will have an easier time making friends and finding partnerships.

Remember, life is not all work despite what you might think.

Be Kind to Yourself

If you are a four or an eight, don’t feel discouraged. Part of our mission being on this planet is to work through challenges. Be kind to yourself and let your flaws be your greatest potential.

By discovering and unraveling our negative tendencies, we can heal ourselves — and ultimately, those around us.

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