Why is the 8 Life Path So Hard in Numerology? *2021 Update*

Life Path numbers reveal your true personality and the way that you react to people and situations. If you were born with an 8 Life Path or have a prominent 8 in your chart, know that you are meant to accomplish something incredible in this world.

You’re not called the “powerhouse personality” for nothing. But be warned that you will likely encounter challenges and lessons throughout your journey.  

Your destiny is connected to leadership, financial growth, and manifestation. You are here for a higher purpose to achieve something great. You have the potential to hold tremendous power, but with that power comes great responsibility.

Being a great leader may have consequences, see Personality Number 7 for more clarification.

Why Life Path 8 is Hard in Numerology

Since the number 8 is tied to the infinity symbol, your ambitions will reach far beyond yourself. You have the potential to bring harmony and connectedness to all things, but need to be careful to not let your ego get the best of you. 

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Personality Traits (the Good, Bad, and the Ugly)

Let’s start with the good… 

As the CEO of all of the Life Paths, you are a natural-born leader. Maybe in high school, you were class president. In the workplace, you may pride yourself on leading your colleagues and making sure that everything gets done on time. At home, you may wear the pants in your relationship with your spouse. In all parts of your life, you are the boss and a good one at that. 

Since you’re such a great leader, you are willing to take risks. We’ll talk about the downside of those risks later, but for now, know that you’re the kind of person who will go after your dreams no matter what it takes. You are known to jump headfirst into every project that you’re passionate about.

Quit your job and move to Colorado to open up your own coffee shop? You’d go for it if that was your heart’s desire — and you’d work hard to make it a reality too. No challenge is too much for you. 

Because of all your successes, you are likely quite confident in yourself. You don’t need someone else to pat you on the back. You know that you are smart, diligent, and the hardest worker out there. You’d do whatever it takes to prove it. When you enter a room, you are magnetic.

Everyone around you knows that you’re capable and driven to succeed. When your energy is in alignment, you’re a positive, motivating person to be around. A one-of-a-kind CEO of life. 

And the bad…

But you have a strong personality, and sometimes that can get you in some trouble. For one, as a natural leader, you have the tendency to act quickly without discussing with others. Your confidence, while admirable, can turn into stubbornness if you don’t listen to others.

Because of your successes in life, you tend to be blinded by your own vision. It is your way or the highway. You’re not quick to take other’s advice because you want to make all of the choices. It is important that you are open to other people’s thoughts and insights to see the full picture. 

While your 8 energy gifts you with the capacity to accumulate great wealth, sometimes that can be your downfall as you give in to greed. You’re unique in that you feel the satisfaction that comes from material wealth and the power that it brings. But that could lead to obsession.

Your risk-taking nature can push you to not understand the real value of money, causing you to jeopardize what you already have for more.

People with a Life Path 8 have a tendency to face addictions like gambling and betting. It is important to self-monitor your intentions behind any new manifestations you would like to bring into your life. You may find that superficial intentions will leave you feeling unsatisfied while loving intentions will bring light into your life.

Look deep within before making important financial or business decisions to make sure that you’re doing what feels right. Because of your intuitive senses, you will know right away. 

Challenges in Career and Business 

Early in your career, you may have trouble working well under others. While you have a “go-getter” personality and are willing to work harder than others, you may feel that you deserve more.

A higher salary. A better title. This may unsettle your colleagues and managers if you don’t communicate your desires in an appropriate, non-self-serving manner. 

You may find that your colleagues turn to you for support when they face difficult problems. Do you find that you’re the person that is always invited to brainstorming meetings?

While you more often than not impress your colleagues with your dependability and intelligent solutions, you often bite off more than you can chew.

You never say no to new projects in order to impress those around you. Unfortunately, you may find yourself working considerably more than your peers.

It’s important to remember that there is more to life than your work. You can sometimes let hitting your lofty goals take precedence over other aspects of your life like your relationships and health, which we will discuss later. 

Many 8s find themselves on the entrepreneurial track as you have many incredible ideas to bring to the world. As one of the greatest manifestors, you are likely to succeed given your drive and determination. But it is not uncommon to see 8s risk everything to continue building on their success.

Instead of putting eggs in multiple baskets, you tend to put everything you own and more on the line. You’re so confident in your business knack that you don’t even think of it as a risk rather an investment in your future.

When all goes to plan, you are in for tremendous success. But if you let greed take the wheel, you run the risk of losing everything.

Challenges in Relationships 

While 8s tend to have luck in the business world, love and relationships can be sticky on all fronts. Many tend to have a rough start to life. You may have grown up in a broken family or suffered from financial hardship in your youth. No matter the challenge, you likely had to grow up quicker than your peers causing you to distrust others and rely heavily on yourself. 

Because of your past, you tend to be cynical — not letting people get close to you unless you feel completely confident with their motives. Since you pour all of your time and attention into your work, you’re afraid that bringing someone new into your life will distract you from your goals.

Your worst nightmare is someone who will take advantage of your hard-earned work. Your deep-seated fear can cause you to retreat from new relationships. You may find yourself delaying or not committing to a serious relationship until you’ve established yourself in your career.

When you do enter a partnership, you are not the most romantic of the Life Path numbers. You rarely show physical affection and are not the queen or king of love letters. You would much rather show that you care through material goods and presents.

Your lack of expression in love as well as your workaholic nature can make others feel like you are out-of-touch and not present in the relationship. If not communicated early on, you may find your partner disengaged and unsatisfied.

While you would do anything for your loved ones and partner, at times you can be domineering. Has your partner ever told you that you’re a ‘control freak’?

If so, that is your 8 energy shining through. You care so much about those around you that you want to take care of everything and everyone.

Remember how you don’t say no in the workplace? It’s all the same in your home life. No matter how good your intentions are, those around you may feel unheard, disrespected, or even repressed. It’s important for you to learn to let go and give others the space they need to learn and grow independently. 

Health Challenges

Your workaholic nature can cause you numerous health challenges if you don’t take time for yourself. When you are out of balance, you could develop elevated blood pressure, heart issues, and stress-related illnesses like adrenal fatigue.

You may find yourself defaulting to drugs, alcohol, or sex to escape the stress of work and the commitments you’ve set for yourself. Life Path 8s need to find a healthy balance between body, mind, and spirit than any of the other Life Path numbers. 

The Bottom Line

You have great potential for success in any area of your choosing but need to be careful to channel your energy in a positive way.

You must learn to not draw power from your ego rather from your highest self. Your path on this earth is to learn how to find balance from the material world.

While your greatest gift is your determination, be careful to not get wrapped up in greed or power. If you hone in on your incredible strengths and don’t let your materialistic nature get the best of you, you are destined to succeed in this lifetime despite the challenges.

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