What is the Best Number in Numerology? *2021 Update*

The Best Number in Numerology

There’s no straight answer to the question “what is the best number in numerology.”

There are numbers that are considered lucky, or even sacred by some numerologists and cultures. But someone’s “best” number is all about the individual, interpreting your surroundings, and the events at play in your life.

Life & Soul Numbers

There are two numbers that will remain important and specific to an individual throughout their lives; their life path number and their soul number.

These two numbers are determined by having a full Numerology reading done. Whatever numerologist you choose to work with will look at your name and date of birth and calculate these numbers.

A life path number is calculated from your birth date using a specific method that whittles the date down into one single number. It can be compared to your sun sign, if you follow astrology.

A life path number is key to understanding your purpose, habits, strengths, and any obstacles you might encounter along the way.

Soul numbers are calculated from your name, with each letter associated with a number. Using a special equation, a numerologist breaks these numbers down into one single number.

This one reveals your true personality, without oversight. It gets down to the nitty gritty of who you are – good, bad, and otherwise.

Both your soul and life path number will show up throughout your life as reminders. It’s important to keep a look out for them and begin to understand how they serve you.

Because of how specific they are to each individual, both numbers could be considered your personal “best” number in Numerology.

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Other Beneficial Numbers

As mentioned previously, figuring out what the best number in Numerology is can depend entirely on your personal situation. Did you just start a new relationship? A new business? Have you been feeling a bit lost or neglected lately?

Any number that holds special meaning to you could be the most important number in your life. This doesn’t necessarily need to be a life or soul number, but could instead be a number that appears regularly before or after any major events.

Here are some examples of numbers that could be considered meaningful:

  • 1: An obvious start. In Numerology, the number 1 is a symbol for fresh starts and new beginnings.

    Whether you’ve made mistakes in the past and are looking to move into a new chapter of your life, or you’re starting the next big step in a career, the number 1 showing up is considered a good sign from the Universe.
  • 7: The number 7 in Numerology is considered by some to be the luckiest number in the Universe. It’s often found in nature, patterns, and its biblical ties can’t be denied. 7 is symbolic of depth, meaning, and spiritual connection.
  • 8: Those looking for prosperity in their lives – financial or otherwise – will love this number showing up! 8 is the number of abundance, meaning that whatever you are pursuing is about to multiply exponentially.

    If you’re a business man or woman this is obviously a good sign for you. If you’re someone looking for more love or friendship in your life, the appearance of 8 could be an indication that you’re about to be overwhelmed with caring relationships!

    The Eastern cultures in particular consider this one of the best numbers because its pronunciation is so close to the word for “wealth.”
  • 33: 33 is considered a Master number, and perhaps the most important one of the three. Known as the Master Teacher, having 33 in your life means that you have reached a higher level of spiritual understanding and cleanliness.

    Your path is directing you toward the purpose of enlightening others and bringing them to spiritual realization.
  • 222: If you’re someone who values direction above all else, the appearance of the Angel numbers 222 are a sign from the Universe that you’re on the right path.

    This could be the best number for you as it is basically a road sign pointing you in the right direction. You’ll do a lot less second guessing with this number in your life.

As with most answer-seeking in Numerology, what it comes down to is the needs of those seeking the answers. There is no “best” number in Numerology, though there are obviously numbers related to a positive turn of events or reassurance.

What’s most important is to keep in mind what is significant to you as far as what you want to achieve and the kind of connection you want to have with the Universe.

It’s right behind you, after all, waiting to give you support as needed and cheer as you succeed.

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