What Does Seeing the Same Numbers on the Clock Mean? *2021 Update*

People often find it eerie when they come across something or someone repeatedly, in several places.

Suddenly, the clocks always seem to display a particular time every time you look up, and your dreams start showing you the same number in odd ways.

At first, it can seem to be a coincidence, but you have to engage with the person or thing to confront what is going on after a point. So what do you do when you come across a number repeatedly on a clock, on your phone or on receipts?

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Seeing Same Numbers on Clock – Meaning

Numerology says, pay attention: Your guardian angels are trying to communicate with you, in code. These numbers are called Angel numbers.

Each Angel number stands for a unique message. You will know that it is meant for you, when you realize how relevant it is for your life.

One reason why the patterns you often come across are in number is because numbers are the most commonly available medium.

They are everywhere in your daily life, and they are understood worldwide. People have a way of convincing themselves out of what seems like irrational occurrences by calling these incidences ‘coincidences.

However, even for the most stubbornly rational person, there comes a point where these coincidences mount to a culmination that is too huge for the rational mind to make sense of.

But once you realize that Angel numbers have been around you all this while, it can be a comforting thought to know that there are guardian angels out there, looking out for you.

Meaning Of Each Digit In Numerology

Single digit numbers form the foundation of all Angel numbers. All higher digit numbers are made from combinations of these digits. A recurring same number sequence is usually a more potent form of the single digit number’s qualities.

Number sequences that are combinations of different digits are more complicated because they combine different digits’ energy.

How they combine to form a whole meaning depends on each digits’ scope that form the number. The overall effect of the Angel number itself also depends on the recipient’s life and the stage of life they are in.

In addition to being messages of guidance, Angel numbers also give you insights into your strengths and weaknesses.

An understanding of the foundation numbers can help give a basic understanding of Angel numbers.

Meaning Of Angel Number 1

  • The number 1 is the first member of natural numbers. It is usually used to indicate beginnings and fresh starts. If you come across this number when you are in a difficult phase of life, it is a reassuring message that you will not be stuck in this rut for long.

    You are about to get a new lease on life, so plan ahead instead despairing over the difficulties that you are facing now.
  • Angel number 1 also signifies that you are a very individualistic person. You produce best results when you work alone, or as the leader.

    Over time you have become self-reliant and fiercely independent. While these are positive traits, it could also result in alienation from the rest of the world if you don’t consciously try to connect with other people.

Meaning Of Angel Number 2

  • Angel number 2 is a team player. When you come across the number 2 repeatedly, it means you have to examine your relationships and evaluate your role in them.

    You can achieve success by working with a team. Your successes will depends on how much you build your teammates up.
  • Not all people are naturally gifted for companionship. Most people work hard at arriving at a balance in relationships. Angel number 2 is a reminder for you that you should listen to your instincts when you interact with people.

    The world will tell you that you have to be shrewd and self-centred to get ahead, but that is not true for you. Your happiness lies in good human relationships.

Meaning Of Angel Number 3

  • Angel number 3 has a special place in numerology. It is the first number that is complete in itself.

    While most other numbers signify something you should work on, or a phase of life that is about to change, Angel number 3 is the indication that you are complete the way you are.
  • People who see the number 3 are usually at a place in their life, where they have worked hard and now the rewards are coming to find them.

    They seek a peaceful life over a life of abundance and adventure and for this reason, a lot of people will find them aspirational.

    They need to focus on how much they let the people around them into their lives, as their energies can be disturbing.

Meaning Of Angel Number 4

  • Angel number 4 appears to people who seek to go about their life in the most practical way possible. They are very family-oriented.

    Their loved ones are their drive in life and they often refuse to step out of this comfort zone. At the same time, they are very talented and have a lot to offer.
  • However, when they start seeing the number 4, it is a reminder for them that they have been overlooking their duties to the world. They have to expand their field of visions and include other people into their concern and love.

Meaning Of Angel Number 5

  • People who come across the number 5 repeatedly are usually seekers of world pleasures. They have an unparalleled zest for life and can be very interesting conversationalists.
  • However, when they start seeing the number 5, it is an indication that they have become too engrossed in the world’s sensual pleasures. Moderation must be your priority now. Expand your field of interests outside of your senses.

Meaning Of Angel Number 6

  • Angel number 6 is associated with mother nature herself. It emanates feelings of affection and embrace.The number 6 often appears when somebody is going through difficult times.

    Your guardian angels are trying to invite you into their embrace and tell you that everything is going to be okay.
  • For some people it could also indicate that they are adequately prepared for parenthood. The qualities that Angel number 6 stands for are instilled in you and you are capable.

Meaning Of Angel Number 7

  • Angel number 7 is associated with spirituality. This is an invitation for you to explore the spiritual realm. It is likely that you have been going through a phase of self doubt and feelings of inadequacy.

    Your guardian angels are trying to tell you that they see you and they consider you worthy of recognition.
  • You have to trust yourself at this point and trust in your guardian angels’ guidance as you embark on a spiritual journey.

Meaning Of Angel Number 8

  • Angel number 8 has an overall meaning of positivity and abundance. You are likely to be rewarded for your efforts soon. Your guardian angels are seeing your hardwork and effort and they are asking you to be patient with yourself.
  • The number 8 also has a karmic connotation. You are about to reap the rewards of your actions.

    If you have been kind and honest, your rewards will reflect that. However, if you have been selfish and egoistic, your karma will demolish all that you have built up, and make you start from the bottom.

    But do not worry. Look at this as a chance to redeem yourself. Not everybody gets a chance to make peace in time. You are given the opportunity to rebuild yourself.

Meaning Of Angel Number 9

  • Number 9, a multiple of 3, indicates completion and wisdom, much like the number 3. Angel number 9 appears to people either at a time when they need the reassurance of when they have become too comfortable in life.
  • Angel number 9 is a call for you to give yourself and your talents to the world. You have a rare capacity for universal love.

Do you believe in divine power? Is it possible that everything happens for a reason? If so, are you prepared to believe that the numbers you have been coming across lately are not a coincidence?

Numerology tells you that they have been put there for a purpose.

They are messages from your guardian angels and you better not miss out on those! We can help you to uncover the mystery of the numbers that follow you.

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