Twin Flame Numbers – Master Numbers and Mirror Souls…

The general rule of human nature is that the more human beings rely on rationality, the more they crave spiritual guidance. In a world of meaningless hookups and one night stands, it is no surprise that people are desperate for real connections.

Unfortunately, this desperation often leads to wrong connections. Is there still hope for true love and instinctual, deep connections?

Numerology offers that and more.

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Twin Flame Numbers Explanation

Twin flame numerology is based on the belief that people who have attained a higher than ordinary level of spiritual ascension over several past lifetimes, often have a twin flame out there.

Twin flames are two people who share a soul. Often referred to as “mirror souls”.

The beauty of a twin flame connection is that it need not be a romantic connection. Also, not all people have twin flames, and not all twin flames end up meeting each other.

What Role Do Numbers Play In Twin Flame Numerology?

Angel numbers help people recognise their twin flame. A subset of angel numbers is associated with the meeting, growth and reunion phases of twin flames.

Just as your life’s other aspects, your guardian angels communicate with you when you are about to meet your twin flame.

The meaning and nature of angel numbers apply to twin flame numerology too. Specific numbers carry specific messages; only, in this case those meanings are interpreted in the context of twin flames.

  • Twin flame numbers are usually master numbers. Master numbers 11, 22 and 33. These numbers and their repetitions are the highest in terms of potential.

    Interestingly, these numbers can also be bearers of doom if the recipient is not prepared to go on the extraordinary journey they present.

    What could otherwise have been a regular, peaceful life often turn out to be haunted by emptiness from wasting potential.
  • The number 11 is a highly dynamic, intuitive number that possesses and elevated sense of the universe that others. Because of the nature of its root number 2, Angel number 11 also carries a sense of duality. 

    On the wrong hands, it often manifests as extreme turbulence.
  • The number 22 has an overpowering quality of being able to reconcile imagination and reality. People who see Angel number 22 make for excellent creators and architects.

    But being a master number, its potential can be destructive for a less capable person.
  • The number 33 rarely occurs in its full potential. This is because it signifies the highest form of spirituality. It contains within it the properties of both 11 and 22 and commits their potential to a universal purpose.

The relationship between two twin flames also suffer from the same intensity and turbulence of master numbers. The extreme potential of this union itself is highly unsettling for people who are not ready for it.

There is usually a common trajectory for twin flame relationships.

Because twin flames occur to people who are at a higher level of spiritual journey than ordinary people, twin flame relationships are more focused on growth.

The stages of a twin flame relationship are based on personal growth rather than the relationship’s strength.

Angel Numbers Signify Different Things To People At Different Stages.

A twin flame relationship starts its life cycle from before meeting the twin. This is the stage where the twins are individually exploring the world and ultimately preparing to take on the twin flame journey.

It often involves romantic relationships that are either toxic or don’t fulfil you completely. Over several relationships of this kind, the twins realize the need for someone who they connect with at a deeper level.

When you are about to meet your twin flame, your guardian angels will give you signs through Angel numbers. The master number 11 is very often an indication of this.

The dynamic nature of the number 11 will stir unrest in you and you will know that you are about to witness a life changing event.

When the master number 11 appears twice together such as the time 11:11, it is a strong indication that two twin flames are about to meet each other.

Through the Angel numbers, your guardian angels are telling you stay vigilant for more signs from the universe and pay attention to your heart.

The only sure way to know your twin flame is to listen to your heart. Soul connects twin flames. Nothing exterior can tell you about your twin flame.

This is special yet unfortunate because a lot of twin flames go through lifetimes without meeting each other. Be sure to be open to the universe so that your twin flame can find you.

Once you’ve met your twin, it is easy to get into a relationship, be it romantic or unromantic. The journey from then on, however, will test your strengths.

One reason why twin flame relationships are so rocky is that they are mirror souls. They see themselves in each other.

This can be a difficult experience, as not everybody is prepared for the self realisations that follow from it. We often judge ourselves a little more kindly than we judge other people.

In the case of twin flames, this distinction is blurred. For you to love your twin flame, you will have to learn to love yourself. At this stage, Angel numbers will help you hold to your faith in the relationship.

Angel number 22 and its combinations are frequently associated with this stage of a twin flame relationship. It is an indication that what you are going through is a positive process, that will ultimately help you grow.

However, growth is a painful process and not all relationships survive in the face of pain. Most twin flame relationships fall apart before they come together again.

When two separated twin flames inevitably come together again, they are at a much higher awakening stage than anyone could aspire for.

The turbulence and uncertainty of their initial relationship is not a concern anymore, as their connection will. Be strong enough to withstand all of it.

They don’t require guidance for their relationship anymore, but the master number 33 and its combinations are often made visible to people who attain the highest level of spirituality within a twin flame relationship.

The number 33 however, does not give you a message of personal success, rather, it is a reminder for you that you have an obligation to the world.

How Will You Know If You’ve Met Your Twin Flame?

  • Twin flames are mirror souls. One of the most common indicators of being close to a twin flame is recognizing the same thoughts and emotions in each other.

    They often do not need language to communicate with each other since they are likely to be experiencing the same feelings at any give time.
  • A very satisfying feeling if being properly understood. Twin flames have an extraordinary capacity to understand each other even when they don’t particularly like what they see.

    This level of understanding is pretty much unattainable in an ordinary relationship. If someone has a twin flame out there, and they do not end up meeting them, they might go a whole lifetime feeling unfulfilled, knowing that they could have more.
  • Vulnerability comes naturally to you when you are around them. If twin flames are adequately prepared when they get into a relationship, being vulnerable can be easy.

    This will fortify their relationship and help them attain the ultimate level of fulfilment in life. If, however, they are not prepared for the relationship, vulnerability can manifest as spontaneous outbursts that can be painful and confusing to both of them.

    The pain of vulnerability can even tear up the relationship.

Numerology is a great tool to understand the universe and its intentions for you. Have you been feeling the need for a meaningful relationship?

Do you believe in true connections that only happens to a person once? Are you willing to grow through your twin flame?

Your guardian angels are sending you valuable messages as we speak. Pay attention to the numbers around you and take a note of recurring patterns. We will help you understand what the universe has in store for you.

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