The Best Name Number in Numerology *2021 Update*

When it comes to Numerology there are a few different schools of formula to follow. Pythagorean, Chaldean, and Kabbalic are the most common.

Each system uses unique calculations to determine what numbers are important to the person receiving the reading.

One of the most sought after readings in Numerology is a name number reading.

Best Name Number in Numerology

No matter what school you follow, a numerologist will look at alphabetic and numeric connections to determine your name number.

What is a Name Number?

The final calculation of your personal formula will determine a name number, also known as your destiny number.

This calculation takes into account your first and last name. It is considered by some numerologists to be the most important number in your life, as it can reveal your character, your goals, life path, how to achieve what you want out of life, and what your obstacles will be.

That’s a whole lot of information gained from just your name!

So What is the Best Name Number?

Determining what the “best” name number is depends entirely on the individual. Each name number will have strengths and weaknesses associated with it.

If you’re someone who values financial success in life, you’ll consider a name number associated with leadership the best possible number. If, instead, you’re looking for spiritual fulfillment, you’ll want to be connected to the number related to enlightenment and spiritual understanding.

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Name Number and their Meanings

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  1. The number 1 is associated with inner strength, financial success, and leadership capabilities. People with 1 as their name number are usually charismatic and go-getters.

    Strengths: Independent, motivated.

    Weaknesses: Can seem overbearing, uncaring about other’s emotions.
  2. The number 2 tones things down slightly by being a person that is generally easy to get along with and can adapt to any sort of situation. 2s are the chameleons in life.

    They love teamwork, bring people together, and are usually great friends who genuinely care about others.

    Strengths: 2s love creating peaceful environments and keeping things fair.

    Weaknesses: They may be averse to confrontation and let others walk all over them.
  3. 3s have advanced social skills and are great at communication. They’re natural-born teachers who can explain pretty much anything and usually enjoy speaking socially or professionally.

    They are imaginative and think of new and exciting ways to present ideas.

    Strengths: Inspires others.

    Weaknesses: Not great with following rules or career constraints.
  4. 4 is the number of practicality. Those with 4 as a name number are extremely hard workers and well-disciplined. They’re naturally honest and hardworking.

    It’s easy for a 4 to put their head down and focus on the job at hand.

    Strengths: Strong work ethic, problem solver.

    Weaknesses: They sometimes take things too seriously.
  5. The number 5 has a deep connection with enthusiasm for learning and constant energy. People with 5 as their name number value freedom and independence.

    They’re not fans of monotonous, repetitive work and would rather be creative and look for new ways to think outside of the box. 5s need to be kept mentally and usually physically stimulated as well.

    Strengths: Makes others feel comfortable, can initiate conversations with anyone.

    Weaknesses: Doesn’t take their responsibilities seriously.
  6. If your name adds up to the number 6 you’re a naturally nurturing individual with a strong sense of family and friendship. You love to support others and provide safe spaces for them.

    You also take the lead in situations to help others out and make sense of chaos.

    Strengths: You’re a strong person for others to lean on when they need it.

    Weaknesses: You can let others take advantage if you’re not careful, or walk all over you.
  7. 7 is the number of intuition and analytics. Anyone with the name number 7 loves breaking things down and finding solutions.

    They value knowledge, are incredibly independent, and self-reliant. They can come across as very reserved and quiet in social settings.

    Strengths: Good decision making skills, can see situations clearly and without emotional overload.

    Weaknesses: Can come across as cold or inaccessible to others.
  8. In every aspect of Numerology the number 8 is associated with wealth of some kind. That’s because 8s harbor great ambition and confidence.

    They make excellent leaders and business people. They can focus and execute plans well, come up with strategies, and work around issues quickly and efficiently. 8s are leaders who are usually at the top of their field.

    Strengths: Motivational to others, bound for great wealth financial and otherwise.

    Weaknesses: Can be very material and superficial.
  9. Lastly, the number 9 is a sign of a selfless person. People connected to this number are very compassionate and tolerant of others even outside of their social, financial, or moral surroundings.

    They give endlessly and are always ready to help when it is needed. 9s are more likely to be volunteers or involved in the non-profit world to better humankind.

    Strengths: Considerate of others, able to understand others easily and empathize.

    Weaknesses: Can easily be taken advantage of financially or emotionally. Can fall prey to energy vampires if they’re not careful.

    Overly compassionate people identify greatly with destiny number 6.

How to Calculate a Name Number

Calculations will depend on what school of Numerology your reading follows.

1 = a, j, s,

2 = b, k, t,

3 = c, l, u,

4 = d, m, v,

5 = e, n, w,

6 = f, o, x,

7 = g, p, y,

8 = h, q, z,

9 = i, r,

The Chaldean System differs slightly

1 = a, q, y, i, j

2 = b, r, k

3 = g, c, l, s

4 = d, m, t

5 = e, h, n, x

6 = u, v, w

7 = o, z

8 = f, p

Kabbalah Numerology uses the following associations

A = 6 

B = 12 

C = 18 

D = 24  

E = 30 

F = 36 

G = 42 

H = 48 

I = 54 

J = 60 

K = 66 

L = 72 

M = 78 

N = 84 

O = 90 

P = 96 

Q = 102 

R = 108 

S = 114 

T = 120 

U = 126 

V = 132 

W = 138 

X = 144 

Y = 150 

Z = 156 

No matter which system you decide to use, the way Numerology works is that numbers get added and broken down over and over until you are eventually left with one number.

For example, if we take a look at the name Bob in Pythagorean Numerology:

B= 2



Broken down further we can look at this equation as 2+2+6 = 10. Because 10 is a double digit number, we would break that down even further into: 1+0 = 1.

Bob’s name number would be the number 1.

When determining a name number using the first and last name, you would add up all of the numbers from both names and continue paring them down until you reach a single digit.

A Note on Master Numbers

If your name number breaks down into these double digit options: 11, 22, or 33 – your Numerologist won’t break them down any further. These numbers are known as Master numbers and hold great value in the world of Numerology.

11 is the sign of the Master Intuited, people who have deep insight into the life and events around them. If your name number is an 11, you should always follow your gut instinct. Weaknesses: Can seem smug or all-knowing.

22 is the Master Builder. They are able to manifest anything they set their mind to and have big plans for themselves and those around them. Weaknesses: Can get big-headed or overconfident, pushing others away despite their success.

Lastly, 33 is the Master Teacher – meant to connect others to the deeply spiritual aspect of the world they are aware of at all times. Weaknesses: Can appear to have a “holier-than-thou” attitude or be too focused on that “bigger picture” of spiritual achievement.

Whatever your name number, each one comes with very real strengths and weaknesses that can either push you toward success or set you back quite a few steps.

So why is it important to know your name number? Getting in touch with a numerologist and having your name number calculated can set you on the path to your destiny.

If your eyes, mind, and heart are open to recognizing your strengths and downfalls, no one can say that you didn’t embrace life and try your hardest!

Learning your name number will help you anticipate and overcome obstacles, recognize success when it comes your way, and interact successfully with others.

While it’s true that many people wish they were more charismatic, focused, responsible, or caring, what it really comes down to is that you’re trying your best to treat yourself and others well.

Make your name number the best name number by embracing who you truly are!

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