Soul Urge Number 9 Meaning *2021 Update*- Sensitive and Caring…

Soul Urge Number 9 Meaning

People whose Soul Urge Number is 9 are generally sensitive. But they are also compassionate and caring, and want to leave the world a better place.

They are deeply in love with the fate of mankind and are willing to sacrifice for the cause.

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Overly compassionate people identify greatly with Destiny Number 6.

So, people whose soul urge number is 9 usually take up professions in the fields of psychology or therapy. They can get too emotional at times, and have an urge to create a sort of harmony in the world.

Basically, they are people who want to live in peace with others and thus, care about their viewpoints, or hear what other people have to say.

These people enjoy finding things in common between themselves and others. They are intuitive and have high ideals.

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But they don’t come without their own set of negative traits. For instance, they are extremely self-righteous and often dislike people who don’t support their ideas or views.

So, to overcome this negative trait, they need to learn to cope with others as they age.

They also like sharing things and ideas with others and are generous too. They would go to any lengths to achieve the goal of generosity and would offer much sacrifice for the same.

In a way, they can be considered visionaries, who always look for the best in things and in people as well.

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Challenges Faced by People of Soul Urge Number 9

One of the major challenges that people of soul urge number 9 faces is they allow people to walk all over them.

While it can be great to see them look at the good side of others, they should also note all people are different individually, and thus, have their own paths to take.

And many times, it happens the paths these people take are not the same as some others. So, while some people do appreciate the kindness, there are others who like to tread on such people, and they should be wary of them.

Another major concern is their immense generosity. Many people with the soul urge number 9 are known to keep giving, even if all their resources are depleted.

They should take keep an eye on this generosity of theirs as it can destroy them. So, by creating awareness among such people, they can maintain healthy relationships with others.

People having the soul urge number 9 are always on a quest to make the world a better place. When doing that, they sometimes tend to preach things in ways, and many others start to see them as preachers or priests.

So, one thing people with soul urge number 9 always have to keep in mind is they should also consider what other people think and say about them.

Another common challenge most people with the soul urge number 9 faces is they are the chatterboxes. They always keep talking which could be intimidating to others. So, stop talking for a while and start listening.

Listening to others can help be compassionate towards them, and in turn, they would also be more open to them.

Significance of Soul Number 9

People of the Soul Number 9 are born on dates which are multiples of 9, including on the 9th, 18th, and the 27th of a month.

They are also bestowed with the qualities of Mars, the planet of fire and heat. Mars can create a strong flow of energy, which isn’t easy to handle.

So, it can make people who are of soul number 9 restless. Such people always want to be on the move and don’t like to be idle. One of the major characteristics of such people is their bravery and the urge for adventure.

They are much like coconuts. Hard on the outside, but tender and juicy on the inside. They like to take full control of things. If they are denied such powers, they tend to lose interest in whatever they are doing.

If they are granted full authority, they work hard and be practical and optimistic in their approaches.

They also tend to reject the ideas proposed by others, often. And although they are over-friendly with others, they cannot establish the same peace and harmony within their own households.

A Word of Caution to People of Soul Number 9

Numerology also states that people with soul number 9 must be cautious of a few things in life. If they are not, it could prove to be disastrous. For instance, they should always be highly alert and constantly pay attention to whatever is coming their way.

The alertness can help avoid various mishaps that may be lurking around the corners, including floods, storms, or even road accidents.

One other thing they need to avoid is revenge that arises from provocation. For this, they may also want to avoid such provocations, to not sow the seeds of revenge in their minds.

People bestowed with the soul number 9 should learn to be calm and cool. They must learn to keep their emotional outbursts at bay. These outbursts can sometimes cause them to commit reckless acts and get into arguments with others.

They should also avoid doing things in a hurry and learn to take it easy, so they can get rid of any anxiety. Soul number 9s may also want to avoid any unstable situations they can get caught up in and try not to overreact in those situations.

The lives of such people can be in danger if they are isolated. So, they should find ways to expand their friend circles. But they can be humorous and don’t always have to be frowning.

In numerology, it is believed laughter or humor can help bring such people immense luck.

However, the position of Mars bears a significant impact on their lives. Hence, they should avoid taking up new causes or adventurous doings when Mars is in a position not best suited for them.

Other things such people should be avoiding include doing drugs and other toxic substances, as these can have a negative impact on their livelihoods.

Also, when it comes to men with soul urge number 9, they tend to have a high sexual impulse. But such an impulse can bear pressure on his partner and thus, he would always fail to impress or be disappointed.

Women with soul urge number 9 are known to be gentle, friendly, hospitable, and at times, secretive. They can get choosy when they make friends, but are perfect housewives, who are always devoted to serving their husbands.

Such women are strict when it comes to their husbands cheating on them, and don’t easily forgive them on those instances.

Thus, in terms of numerology, people with soul urge number 9 are friendly and responsible. They tend to sacrifice a lot, but not without a cause. And many times, such a cause would be to make the world a better, healthier and more friendly and peaceful place.

Although they may have family issues at hand, they are, nevertheless, family people, committed to the upbringing of their partners, parents and children. So, they can be seen to be gentle towards their children.

They also tend to show the same gentleness and kindness towards animals and other beings.

Women who are of the soul urge number 9 are often good wives, who are devoted to serving their husbands. They are charming, hospitable and friendly in nature.

But people with soul urge number 9 should, at any cost, control their impulsive nature and behavior, which can get them into trouble with others.

They should also avoid being alone as this can bring a hostile environment or situation in their lives. Finally, they should learn to stay calm during tensions and manage the situation with a cool head.

In terms of numerology, soul urge numbers have special significance. In the vanilla sense, your soul urge number is nothing but the number that expresses your true self.

It defines your true desires, motivations as well as your outlook towards life. In numerology, different numbers have different meanings associated with them.

And in all, there are five classes of numbers used in the field. The five classes include the Day Number, the Life Path Number, the Expression Number, the Destiny Number, and the Soul Urge Number.

Of these five numbers, the soul urge number is regarded as the most important.

The Soul Urge Number is different from the other types of numbers used in Numerology, including the Destiny Number or the Life Path Number.

The number tells you about your inner self and wisdom, and in a way, shapes your characteristics and personality.

These traits may include your wants, goals or any other desires you may have in life. Additionally, it also defines who you are from the inside, and helps secretly measure the amount of success you will taste in life.

Thus, by thoroughly knowing your soul urge number, you will get a definite direction as well as a meaning and purpose to your life.

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