Seeing Repeating Numbers after Meeting Someone

It isn’t uncommon to run into someone and get a certain feeling about them, whether it’s the feeling that you just met someone important or the feeling that you should get as far away from them as you can.

Whatever your gut reaction, if you’re someone familiar with Numerology, or just someone who is particularly perceptive to the world around you, you might notice after meeting this person the appearance of repetitious or sequential numbers.

Seeing Repeating Numbers After Meeting Someone

Maybe your clock shows that it’s 3:33. A few minutes later, a car drives by with 333 in the license plate. You see an ad for something on TV later that night and the first three numbers of the phone number are 333.

If that doesn’t get your attention, what will?

In Numerology, repetitious or sequential numbers that show up frequently are a big deal. They’re called Angel numbers and are there to give you a message.

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Why Are the Numbers Repeating or Sequential?

Imagine the Universe feels the need to point out something important to you, but you’re in the middle of your busy life – running to get coffee before work, jumping from one meeting to the next, rushing home to start dinner.

It’s hard to compete. But that’s where Angel numbers come in.

Angel numbers are signs from your guardian angels or the Universe, reaching out to pass on something important.

These numbers commonly show up just after major life events or at the start of something new (111 is a perfect example – a symbol of new beginnings!).

Seeing repetitious or sequential numbers frequently throughout your day or over the next week or so is bound to get anyone’s attention, even if they aren’t believers in the discipline of Numerology.

A numerologist can help you decipher your Angel numbers if they catch your eye and you understand enough to know that you have a message to receive.

Sometimes Angel numbers will be specifically related to your life or soul number, which you can get from a numerological reading here, but a lot of the time they show up as needed in reaction to what’s happening around or to you.

After Meeting Someone New

There are a lot of reasons that Angel numbers might show up after someone new comes into your life, no matter how briefly.

Maybe you just bumped into one another on the corner. Maybe you had a job interview with a potential future boss. Maybe you met your kid’s new friend, or your husband’s coworker.

Whatever the situation – it doesn’t always need to be romantic – the appearance of Angel numbers shortly after is the Universe trying to give you a heads up about their effect on your life, good or bad.

How to Read the Signs

The first and most important step to taking full advantage of your Angel numbers is to have an open enough mind, and enough awareness, to recognize them for what they are.

This doesn’t mean you need to know the exact meaning of every set of numbers. That’s what the experts, or some careful research, are for.

But it’s good practice to make a habit of being aware of numbers making appearances. If you have a gut feeling after meeting someone, take a quick scan of your surroundings – anything sticking out? Any repetition, or numerical sequences you’ve seen before?

It might even be worth jotting down these numbers quickly so you can look into them later or just keep track of how often (insistently) they’re showing up.

Repeating Numbers Meaning

If you see repeating numbers, it’s a sure sign that your angel is out there somewhere waving their arms and shouting “hellooooo!” They’re trying to get a message to you, whether it’s a warning or a thumbs up.

The more numbers being repeated, the more important or impactful the message. Here are some common repeated numbers are their meaning:

  • 111: This message is all about new beginnings. Obviously a good sign if you’re single and looking for a partner – but it doesn’t necessarily mean the relationship will be good or bad. Just that there will be one.

    111 can be a fresh start after a poor experience, an exciting new friendship, or the next step in your career depending on who it is connected to.
  • 333: The number 3 is all about communicating openly and honestly, both with ourselves and others.

    If you meet someone and brush them off quickly, repeating 3s might show up as a way to say “hey – pay attention to that person!”

    Maybe they’re meant to be influential in your life, or maybe you’re meant to make a positive change in theirs. Either way, it’s a reminder to start paying attention.
  • 777: 7s are a great number to see when meeting a new person. They’re all about reflection and what you can learn. Maybe the person you just met is someone you aspire to be like, or maybe they make you feel seen.

    Whatever the positivity is in meeting them, use this as a time to reflect on who you are and who you want to be – and how to get there.
  • 888: 8s are almost always associated with abundance and prosperity. This doesn’t just pertain to financial wealth, although maybe you just talked with a new potential business partner.

    Whoever this new person in your life is, they’re bringing abundance with them. But 8s are also about making decisions and claiming what you deserve – so it’s time to make your move.
  • 999: A sign of closure, 9s showing up in your life mean that something is coming to an end. When it comes to meeting new people this could be a warning sign of some kind, so keep your senses open and don’t ignore your instincts.

    Keep in mind – If you are feeling a strong sense needing closure, you might be more connected to Angel Number 939.

Sequential Numbers Meaning

Sequential numbers, like repeating numbers, are hard to miss. They’re not common in everyday life and if you see them often, they’re worth paying attention to.

Unlike repeating numbers, sequential numbers have combined interpretations based off of the individual meaning of each number.

They’re much harder to figure out on their own and this is where you might want to bring in a professional. But don’t wait too long – there’s a message you’re meant to get, and sooner is better than later.

Common sequential numbers and their meanings:

  • 1212 or 1234: Both of these sequences indicate that you’re heading in the right direction, which makes sense, because 1234 feels like taking one step after another.

    If you meet someone and these numbers are involved, your angel might be pushing you to pursue whatever this relationship may be.
  • 3939 or 9393: Although it might seem like a negative at first, this combination is an indicator that you’re acting in fear and need to let it go.

    Perhaps you ran into a potential friend, but backed down from pursuing that friendship because you’re self-conscious.

    This is the push you need from the Universe to get over that fear and get on with a new relationship that could add value to your life!
  • 8833 or 8383: A common indicator that you need to re-charge. Maybe the person you ran into is an energy vampire; this should be a red flag that you need to pause and take care of yourself.
  • 1919 or 9191: Any combination of 9s and 1s is an indication that whatever you’ve been waiting for is coming to fruition. Have you been waiting on a partner to create your future with? A friend who isn’t superficial? This sequence is the Universe giving you a thumbs up and letting you know that the time has come.
  • 6363 or 3636: Whatever you want to get out of meeting this new person, the Universe approves. Maybe they’re an important part of networking for your career or getting involved in a new hobby.

    Whatever it is that led you to this person, whatever you’re looking for from them, you’re heading in the right direction.

No matter what numbers are suddenly appearing in your life, be ready to embrace them.

Even if your message is interpreted as a warning to avoid someone, keep in mind that this is the Universe looking out for you – your angel saving your butt from a potential disaster!

Meeting new people can be intimidating or nerve-wracking, but when you finally realize that the angels are standing by ready to point the way with numeric sequences, it suddenly seems possible to face whatever is coming your way.

Keep your eyes, mind, and instincts open for new possibilities and new people.

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