Sacred Scribes and Angel Numbers *2021 Update*- Your Spiritual Awakening

Sacredscribes is a website that is wholly and solely (or “soul-ly”) dedicated to the concept of the spiritual value of numbers. In that regard, it draws on numerology to decipher messages and hidden meanings behind numbers. It is a valuable resource that gives much sought-after information about angel numbers, what they are, and how they affect human beings.

Sacred Scribes and Angel Numbers

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All blogs on the site are written by Joanne Walmsley, a knowledgeable expert in the field. In the blogs on the site, as well as giving a lot of related information, write-ups talk about the concepts of angel numbers and how to decipher and read them. The site also gives a good idea of what each number’s hidden meaning is, and there is an angel number index that you may go to as well.

Angel numbers are those numbers or number sequences that loads of people chance upon seeing in daily life. The unique part of these numbers is that they appear, that is, the same number, in a repeated fashion. It’s almost like some force is pushing or prodding you to notice that it is right there, trying to grab your attention.

These could be viewed on clocks, timers, number plates of vehicles, billboards, tickets, stamps, monetary notes, and almost any other sources. This is a kind of spiritual awareness that authors, theologians, spiritualists, astrologers, and others in different fields of interest acknowledge.

The phenomena is gradually gaining momentum, as people are trying to evolve spiritually and believe that there is a Divine Power that is responsible for all our actions, for life itself.

These angel numbers, occurring repeatedly, can be single, double, triple or quadruple-digit numbers, and it is believed that the numbers, when deciphered for their true meaning, convey messages from your guardian angels. These are ‘signs’ that come to you for a purpose, so that you may be guided in your actions through life.

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This is the way you can heal if you need to, can achieve something, and can go on to a better existence. You often think it’s your imagination playing tricks on you, at first, or some kind of weird coincidence. Be assured, its none of these.

Sacredscribes numbers list vibrations and forces of numbers from 1 to 10, including the number 0, stating that 0 is the number that expresses every kind of existing force. It is the end as well as the beginning – the Alpha and the Omega. It was the force of “God” as per ancient peoples, and its being lies everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

The power of zero is so great as far as numerology goes, that every other number that zero appears with is only amplified in its energy. For example, for the number 10, the force of zero only makes the number one stronger and facilitates its meaning and power all the more, than if the number 1 was seen on its own. The angel number 0 has in itself the traits expressed by all the other angel numbers, and in this way, brings you nearer to the force and source of all power itself.

There is no definite sequence that angel numbers can occur in, and they often come to you in sequences of mixed numbers too. For example, these could be angel numbers – 1098, 4352, 2315, etc. There are no limits to the permutations and combinations. Many a time, the individual numbers of a whole number are taken to have meaning for you, as well as the calculation of the total of the digits in the whole number perceived. Sometimes, the numbers are seen as running in a sequence, like 1234.

If you add these up, they equal to 10. Then you actually have the number 1, so you will try to decipher the hidden meaning behind what the number 1 expresses. When the numbers appear to a person in this fashion, it usually is an indication of something to do with a period in the individual’s life or the path of an individual’s life.

Sequences of Numbers

Messages are communicated to you by your guardian angels in two ways:

  • Angels may whisper in your ear in a hushed tone, so you suddenly look up at a billboard sign, only to see a number. You may notice that same number again, but in the context of an advertisement, and so on. Your guardian angels fervently wish that you become aware of the fact that you see something with some purpose attached to it.
  • Another way that your guardian angels indicate the numbers to you is by a physical arrangement for something to happen. For example, a little boy may come up to you on his bike while you are walking to the store and tell you its his birthday and he will be 7. The angels want you to ‘see the light’ as it were, and decipher the meanings that are hidden in the numbers.

Sacred Angel Numbers

Once you are convinced that you aren’t experiencing some happy coincidence, you might want to know what reasons are behind what you are seeing. Answers may not come easy to you as you are probably a layperson with little or no knowledge of spiritual forces.

You may pray for help and get some further signs, or you may not. Still, you may ponder the reasons in the context of your life, get more in touch with your inner self, and, importantly, think of your wants and not about what you do not. Your thoughts must tend towards the positive at all times.

Pythagoras, the famous mathematician, postulated that all things in the vast Universe are precise mathematically. Every number, according to Pythagoras, has its own energy and specific meaning.

The field of Numerology is sacred, and it has been around for years. Now, in the modern age, more and more people recognize it as a definitive science. As you begin to gain a better understanding of what the numbers hold in relation to you, you may feel a spiritual connection with your guardian angels.

Such a link permits the angels to open doors for you, bringing happiness and prosperity into your life. It’s a good idea to thank your guardian angels and express your gratitude.

Reasons Why You See Particular Numbers

Now that you know why you see the numbers in the first place – because your guardian angels want to show you the true meaning of your life – it’s important to find out why you see particular numbers or just one number. By seeing just one number over and over, you must acknowledge that the angels are communicating directly with you. The messages are meant for you and relate to your life. Let’s see, in a general way, what the numbers could mean for you:

  • You need to look at individual numbers as well as the total while deciphering the meaning of any angel number. Trust your intuition and think about the circumstances in your life and how they could be made better. Focus on positive ways.
  • Know that your guardian angels are with you through all the ups and downs of life, and they will see you through no matter what. Obstacles will be in your way but think about a way out. You may see more than one solution. Apply your mind to positive outcomes. There is no room for “what if” unless the answer is a positive solution.
  • If you are thinking of doing something new, don’t look at the negative things that may deter you. You need to take calculated risks and go forth with confidence.
  • Your guardian angels will not show you answers. Only YOU have the power to know what’s right for you. You need to be in touch with your innate being, think about your passions, your desires, and connect with others that you KNOW will help you stay positive. Guardian spirits will only steer you in the right direction, and make you see something that you may have been missing so far.
  • In order to find the true purpose of your life, as the angels want you to, you need to accept change or change some things that you are sticking with. Those things may be pulling you down instead of pushing you up. Think about what makes you happy, what excites you, what motivates you, what you would love to do, and trust yourself in the choices you make for yourself. Make decisions for yourself and have the patience that what you want, need, and cherish will come to you.

In Conclusion

Numerology can be a very interesting subject to delve into. It can also be very puzzling for a layperson like you. Sure, you must be accustomed to astrology and the spirituality linked to that, but deciphering angel numbers and finding true meaning in them for yourself maybe a tad difficult.

No worries, we’re vetted experts who can help you. Just send us your date of birth and your name and we will send you a thorough numerology report totally free. If you have seen an angel number and want details of how to decipher it, click the link above.

Know in your heart and mind that your guardian angels are with you and want you to be positive!

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