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Numerology studies the impact that numbers have on your life. These values are based on your birth date as well as your name.

A talented numerologist can tell you numbers like your life path number, personality number, marriage number, and more. Each has a special significance in your life.

Personality Number 9 Meaning

The personality number, as its name suggests, can tell you your traits and characteristics.

As a Personality Number 9, you are extroverted and an entertainer at heart.

You are confident in yourself and are not afraid to let people know. You may intimidate others if you are not careful.

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By understanding your unique number, you can find out which of your traits can help you find success in this lifetime. Also, you can discover your negative traits so that you can improve moving forward.

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Traits and Characteristics

If you have this special number, know that it is a highly powerful yet controversial number. Many celebrities and notorious people are a 9. Let’s dig deeper.

Positive Traits

You are highly extroverted and extremely confident in yourself. From your clothing to the way that you speak, you let others around you know that you are self-assured. Some may consider it arrogant.

Being at the center of attention is your top priority. Whether you are at home or at work, you want everything to revolve around your needs.

You are outspoken and do not fear others’ opinions about you. Keeping quiet does not suit you. You would much rather share your thoughts and face the consequences.

Elegance is your middle name. You enjoy dolling yourself up and looking your best. People look to you for style advice. You are often the best-dressed person in the room.

Despite being slightly self-absorbed, you truly care about others and will help those around you when needed. You are a trustworthy friend.

You love the arts, including movies, fashion, music, and more. The good things in life are your calling — and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Optimistic in nature, you are always looking at the positive side of life. Your sunny disposition is motivating to those around you.

You are not afraid to lift up your sleeves and learn. Success is important to you, so you will do whatever it takes to reach your dreams.

Communication is key to you. You are blunt but get the point across. Leaving things unsaid is not your cup of tea. You would much rather voice your concerns than keep them locked up inside.

You have an adventurous spirit and love to meet people from around the world. Kind to everyone, you make friends everywhere you go.

Negative Traits

You hate when others challenge you. Generally, you are not tolerant of opposition and don’t believe in consultations while making decisions.

Sometimes you can be cruel to others. Your aggression and quest to succeed may make others feel unworthy.

Your confidence can come off as arrogant at times. You believe that you know best and are often not willing to compromise with others.

Work and Personality Number 9

Your personality makes you a fantastic asset in the workplace. You are a hard-worker and will dedicate hours to your craft.

Artsy in nature, you will be the most successful in careers related to music, film, fashion, and the arts. You could succeed in politics but may make your fair share of enemies in the process.

Overall, you are best to find a job that allows you to lead or be the center of attention. You crave the limelight. You do not want to be stuck in a cubicle completing paperwork.

Relationships and Personality Number 9

While some may consider you arrogant or intolerant, those closest to you see a different side of you. You treat your friends and loved ones with kindness and compassion.

When someone you love has a problem, you are quick to handle the issue and be there for support. You will not let those closest to you suffer.

Rather, you will do whatever it takes to make them happy. You find joy in making your family smile. You are an entertainer after all.

How to Calculate Your Personality Number

This special number can help you identify your positive and negative characteristics. It can predict what the future has in store for you.

These predictions can tell you about your career, health, love life, and your future endeavors.

Calculating your number is simple. All you need is your full name, including your first, middle, initials, and surname. You should only keep in mind the consonants and omit the vowels for an accurate reading.

To calculate, simply write down the letters of your name and the corresponding numbers that are associated with each of them. Add these values together to calculate your personality number.

Use the following table to calculate

1 J, S

2 B, K, T

3 C, L

4 D, M, V

5 N, W

6 F, X

7 G, P, Y

8 H, Q, Z

9 R

To understand how to calculate it properly, let’s find Bernie Sander’s number.

First, we will remove the vowels; in this case, we will not consider e, i, or a.

Next, we will add up all the numbers for each of the consonants.

B + R + N + S + N + D + R + S = 2 + 9 + 5 + 1 + 5 + 4 + 9 + 1 = 36. We will add 3 and 6 to yield 9.


You are keen on being at the center of everything. Your natural charisma and confidence will help you succeed and reach your dreams. However, your confidence may intimidate those around you.

Instead of judging others or being intolerant, try to show others some understanding and compassion. They will help you along your journey.

If you would like to learn more about your personality number and other important values that have an impact on your life, get a free numerology report.

This personalized report created by an expert will tell you what numbers are important for you in this lifetime. These predictions can help you plan your future.

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