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Numbers have their own unique vibrational energy that plays a significant role in our lives. A numerologist will determine the specific numbers that influence your life, including your personality number, destiny number, marriage numbers, and more.

Your personality number is one of the key elements in this science. By examining your full name, it outlines a set of characteristics that define your personality.

Personality Number 3 Meaning

If you have Personality Number 3 in your chart, you are highly emotional and relate well with others.

You tend to get frustrated easily and must keep your emotional side in check.

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By understanding your special number further, you can get a glimpse into what the future has in store for you. You can learn the different attributes that impact your life and make you unique.

How to Calculate Your Number

In order to calculate your number, you need your full given name. Unique to you, your name has followed you for many years. It plays a special part in your identity and personality.

Calculating your number is not difficult. All you need is your full name, including your first, middle, surname, and initials.

Every letter has a number associated with it. For the purpose of calculating your personality number, only consonants are considered, and vowels are omitted.

Go through the following table to determine the numbers associated with your name.

1 J, S

2 B, K, T

3 C, L

4 D, M, V

5 N, W

6 F, X

7 G, P, Y

8 H, Q, Z

9 R

Let’s use Emma Watson as an example to calculate this critical number.

From her name, we will first exclude the vowels, e, a, and o. The other letters that remain are M, M, W, T, S, N.

By using the chart above, we get the following numbers: 4 + 4 + 5 + 2 + 1 + 5 = 21

From here, we receive a two-digit number. To find her special number, we need to add these two digits. 2 +1 = 3.

Emma Watson’s number is 3.

What Does This Number Mean?

As a 3, your emotional side plays a large role in your life. You use your deep feelings to help others, especially those in need.

Your intuitive gifts make you a wonderful friend, parent, partner, and colleague. Those around you feel important and loved.

You are not just emotional but also positive and determined. As a diligent worker, you will do whatever is needed to get the job done. Organized and disciplined, you have the traits needed to reach your dreams.

In numerology, 1 and 2 are symbolic of the father and mother, while 3 represents the child. Those ruled by this number are gifted and have creative abilities. Multi-talented and devoted to your passion projects, you are likely to succeed.

Positive Traits

As a 3, you have numerous positive traits that will serve you well in this lifetime.

Deeply emotional, you understand others well. You can easily understand when someone is feeling under the weather. You are likely to offer a shoulder to cry on when your friends are facing hardship.

A social butterfly, you are likely highly extroverted and love making friends wherever you go. Whether you are at a party or sitting in a coffee shop, you are known to strike up a conversation with those around you.

You are creative and talented when you put your energy into your work. You bring a unique perspective to everything you do. Nothing is off-limits for you. You are willing to look outside the box.

You bring a sense of humor to every conversation. People who have the privilege of chatting with you leave feeling happier and renewed.

Interested in helping others, you are not self-centered. You would much rather help others achieve their goals than move on without them. You are helpful and offer great advice to those who need it.

You do not accept defeat easily nor will you let others give up. A natural fighter, you will push through any challenge no matter how difficult in order to reach your dreams.

Honesty is important to you. You will let others know exactly how you are feeling. And since you are attuned to your deep emotions, you put everything on the table.

In relationships, you are a lovable partner. You will shower your significant other with love and stay committed for life. You are not one to jump from relationship to relationship. You are steady and offer emotional maturity.

Negative Traits

Like every coin has another side, so does your personality. There are some negative traits that you need to keep in mind that could be impeding your growth.

Since you like to be in the center of attention, if you are pushed to the corner, you may get upset. It is important that you do not let your emotions get the best of you as you may act immature in certain situations.

You get frustrated by other people quickly. In some cases, you may create a toxic environment for all those involved.

When you are in a negative mood, you tend to treat yourself to impulse decisions like buying expensive items. Try creating a “wish list” when you are feeling this way. Come back to the list when you have a fresh perspective.

While you love helping others and providing advice, you do not enjoy receiving feedback from others. You take advice personally and can get upset.

You have a tendency to wait until the last minute to accomplish tasks. It is important that you keep organized and create bite-sized steps to reach your larger goals.

In relationships, your emotional nature can make you a jealous partner. Give your loved ones the benefit of the doubt and make sure that you keep a clear line of communication.

In Your Career

Your ambition and drive to succeed will help you reach your goals and dreams. There is no ambition that is too difficult for you. Rather than giving up, you will put your heart and soul into everything that you do.

You are likely to find success in banking, politics, administrative work, medicine, or in the military. Whatever your path, you are a reliable worker and considerate teammate.

In Love

You are likely to have many relationships in your life. You give a lot of love but expect the same level of affection in return.

Because you are a social butterfly, you seek a partner with equal social skills. You love getting out of the house and meeting people from around the world. If you are single, you will likely meet a partner in a lively environment.


Your personality has a blend of emotion and ambition. For this reason, you have many skills that make you likely to succeed.

Your emotional nature gives you the unique ability to understand others in love and in business.

However, you must be careful of some of your negative traits, like your tendency to get easily frustrated and jealous. If you address these qualities, success and happiness will come easily.

Your personality number is just one piece of the puzzle. If you would like to learn more about yourself and what the future has in store for you, check out your own personalized numerology reading.

All you have to provide is your full name and date of birth. With this critical information, a numerologist can prepare a comprehensive report that will change your life.

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