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A personal year cycle is nine years long. Your personal year number can be a 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 or even a 9 depending on where you are in your cycle. Once you reach 9, you’ll restart the cycle with number 1 again. Each of the numbers has different qualities associated with them.

It is key to become familiar with the qualities of each of the numbers so that you’re able to apply the core elements of the numbers wherever you find them. This includes the different cycles that you will experience.

It is important to note that each cycle runs from the 1st of January to the 31st of December. A common misconception is that your personal year cycle runs from birthday to birthday. You may find the energy stronger during the time period surrounding your birthday, however.

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Personal Year 2 Meaning

In your Personal Year 2, your emotions and sensitivity will be heightened. You may feel that your life is at a standstill or even going backward. Know that you are transforming, just very slowly.

Knowing about which personal year you are in currently is essential to help you determine what to focus on. In addition, this number can help you access shortcuts when it’s time to make decisions that will impact your life. You will find that following this advice carefully will make your life easier, more productive, and joyful.

This number will give you a good indication of the challenges you can expect during the year you’re looking at. You can make forecasts so that you can work together with the energy of the year, rather than against it.

In short, knowing the theme of your personal year will enable you to enjoy more success throughout the year as well as dig into the bigger picture about why things happen in certain ways.

How To Calculate Your Personal Year

Calculating your personal year is a breeze.

Start by taking your date of birth.

Let’s take 12 January 1975.

January is 1.

The day is 12. 1+2 = 3.

Next, take the current year. 2019 = 2+0+1+9 = 12. 1*2 = 2.

Finally, add the month, day, and the current year together. 1+3+2 = 6, and then you’ll arrive at your personal year.

After adding the month, day, and current year together, if your answer is in the double digits such as 11, add the two digits together. Your final answer will look like this 1+1 = 2.

What Is Personal Year 2 All About?

This is the perfect year to slow down and develop patience. Once the three year period of intensity and transformation passes, you get an opportunity to slow down, breathe, and focus on other people. This is a time where you can put emotions and relationships into the spotlight.

While the previous year was likely active and very career-driven, the present is suited for “us”. This year is all about love in all of its various forms. It’s also a slow-moving year that is about testing your trust in the correct timing. Remember that while the universe has your back, it might feel as if the ball isn’t in your corner.

It’s akin to feeling as if you’re moving three steps forward and four steps backward. Many people think of it as the “tar walking” year that produces feelings of too much energy, time, and patience exerted when taking the simplest step forward.

You are much more capable of establishing lifelong friendships in this time as your sensitivity and openness are heightened. In fact, most people find their soul mate in this personal year. The most important month of the year is May as you will be extremely intuitive as well as sensitive.

In addition to this, you’ll be self-reflective as well as able to influence your peers and situation through spiritual awareness. A culmination of plans, as well as a distinct step forward, is brought on by July.

In August, things will become more concrete, and you can enjoy a new beginning. In September, you will experience lots of emotions that will require adjustments, tact, and inner resolve.

This period will be a time of growth as well as advancement. However, growth will be brought forward gently, so don’t expect shifts to happen quickly and unexpectedly.

How To Make The Best Use Of This Year

This is the time to slow down and focus on your relationships. In the business world, you’ll experience networking in its purest form. In fact, you’ll want to focus on getting active with cultivating as well as honing your tribe instead of relying on a single phone call a month or email response.

Think of actively cultivating deeper connections within your inner circle. Your truth should be spoken gently as well as firmly. Remember that this is the time to find your special someone, network, or reestablish a connection with those already in your life.

Don’t expect your relationships to move along quickly. If you are single, you will likely find a mate who is soul-centered. This is the time for you to learn about each other and grow together. If you are in a serious relationship, you may decide to take the next step forward.

This year will test how well you set boundaries with friends, colleagues, and family. If you find yourself being used as a doormat, you’ll be forced to face the fact that it’s time to make a change. In addition to this, your intuition will guide you to set boundaries and control your emotions.

You will also enjoy a heightened sense of style, design, and artistry during this time. If you were wondering about the best time to open as well as soften your heart, put your faith in divine timing, and develop strong and authentic relationships. This is the time.

Talking about your ideas is a bit of a no-no as you will be vulnerable this year. Remember to be secretive and guard yourself and your ideas. Instead, spend the time improving yourself through reading as well as research.

In order to be better prepared and stronger for the future, you’ll need to grow awareness of the less visible and less obvious aspects of life.

Symbolic Meaning of Personal Year 2

If you look at the Major Arcana of the Tarot, you’ll find out that the number 2 can be associated with the High Priestess card. This card represents duality and ambiguity. The High Priestess is also a symbol of the mysterious feminine power that is spoken about in Taoism as yin energy.

When looking at Astrology, the High Priestess’s planet is the moon. She is associated with the moon as she too shines with a light that is borrowed. A person who shines in this time is shining with borrowed light from a person influenced by a strong 1 energy.

What Will You Experience?

You are going to be unusually sensitive. In fact, you might sometimes wonder about where the drive and momentum you felt last year went. Don’t be hard on yourself, this is not the time for making big changes.

Know that you may be called to create a delicate balance in your life and move around obstacles that you otherwise hadn’t noticed. This will help you move forward toward your goals in this year filled with emotions.

While this could be a year filled with struggle, don’t let your emotions and frustrations get the best of you. There will be plenty of opportunities to advance toward your goals. Be patient as sometimes the best things in life take time.

Challenges You May Face

In order to meet the challenges, you need to be aware of them. Here are some of the challenges you’ll face during this year.

  • You’ll be faced with issues that require the need to learn as well as practice tact with regard to other people’s feelings. Be careful to not be codependent in this time.
  • You’ll need to stop basing your actions on what other people think of you. Remind yourself that you can only control yourself.

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