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The world is filled with mysterious vibrations that our naked eye cannot see. These vibrations have energies that can influence our life and bring much-needed happiness and peace. Whether it is business, relationship, or profession, these vibrations subtly affect our behavior and characteristics and decide the future course.

Understanding these vibrations would certainly place you in a better position to assess a person, place, and situation.

The most daunting task in anyone’s life is finding whether a person, object, or process is compatible with you are not. Compatibility among individuals is the most complex factor that could build or destroy a relationship, partnership, or collaboration.

Numerology Compatibility Explained

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How to know whether the person I am dealing with is compatible with me or not?

Every individual acquires a certain type of characteristics as he grows. People and the environment play a significant role in imparting the strong characteristics to a person. If a person meets or deals with another person having the same traits, it would become difficult to succeed.

You need to develop a relationship, partnership, or collaborate with a person who balances your characteristics and creates harmony. Otherwise, you would be surrounded by chaos, fights, and heartbreak.

There are certain methods or tools that could be employed to determine the compatibility of a person. These methods consist of a set of guidelines that help you in ascertaining the compatibility of a person.

One of the methods that let you understand a person’s compatibility is numerology. Numerology is being used for centuries now and it has become part of several people’s life.

Let us briefly look at what is numerology and then move on to how it determines compatibility.

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What is Numerology?

Numerology is a branch of astrology or mysticism that deals with numbers and their effect on our lives. It believes that there is a relationship between events happening in our life and the numbers associated with them. It studies numbers associates with your name and date birth to establish a relationship between you and the events that have happened in your life. It also predicts events that are going to happen in the future.

Compatibility can be established in numerology through life path numbers. Life path numbers consist of integers from 0 to 9. These numbers are calculated using your date of birth.

Finding Life Path Numbers

Finding a life path number requires simple mathematical skills. You can find life path numbers by adding date, month, and year till you get a consolidated single digit. Let us say your date of birth is October 28, 1980. All the numbers associated with your birth date are added to get a single digit. This single digit becomes your life path number. Let’s see how it is done.

Your date of birth is 28.

2+8 = 10

1+0 = 1

The month of your birth is October, which is the 10th month of a year.

Month – 10

1+0 = 1

Your birth year is 1980

1+9+8+0 = 18

1+8 = 9

Now, add all the single digits

1+1+9 = 11

1+1 = 2

Life path number = 2

Once you find your life path number, it becomes easy to find out with whom you are compatible. Each life path number has its own counterparts that balance the number. Life path numbers consist of integers 0 to 9. Let’s see their characteristics and what numbers they are compatible with.

Life Path Number 1

Life path number resonates with confidence, abundant energy, and the drive to remain at the top. These characteristics sometimes make life path number 1 a bit unstable. Hence, you need a partner who balances you out. Life path numbers 3, 5, and 6 are considered to be compatible with life path number 1.

They resonate with calmness, openness, and everlasting happiness. Hence, they help in keeping life path number 1 at bay.

GoodMatches – 3, 5, 6

Bad Matches – 1, 8, 9

Life Path Number 2

People with life path number 2 are considered to do very well with relationships. They never let go of their family, partner, or companion. This trait of life path number 2 is also a bane since people with this number tend to be very sensitive and get hurt easily.

Hence, it is better to find life path numbers that understand your sensitivity and always be with you as a supporting pillar in any situation. Life path numbers 4, 6, 8 are considered to have a deep sense of understanding of people and situations. Hence, they are the perfect match to life path number 2

GoodMatches – 4, 6, 8

Bad matches – 3, 5

Life Path Number 3

This life path number resonates with high spirit and upbeat mood. The people with this number turn any serious situation lighter and keep their surroundings pumped up. This ability of the life path number makes people lose focus and unstable.

The aloofness with things happening around them makes it hard to establish any sort of emotional connection. Life path numbers 1, 5, and 9 are considered to bring stability, seriousness, and focus. They are a perfect match for life path number 3.

Good matches – 1, 5, 9

Bad matches – 2, 3, 6, 8

Life Path Number 4

Life path number 4 is associated with stability, security, and protection. People with 4 as a life path number are too serious to express their feelings including love. But they show their emotions by providing care, help, and empathy. The only thing that lacks is enthusiasm towards life, being passionate, and getting excited about simple matters.

Life path numbers 2, 7, and 8 are considered to be associated with excitement and abundant energy. These numbers are for sure going to balance life path number 4.

Good Matches – 2, 7, 8

Bad Matches – 3, 5, 9

Life Path Number 5

The people with life path number 5 are adventurous, curious, and inquisitive. They get easily obsessed with things and go to any length to acquire them. Their presence always brings excitement and vibrancy. But the excitement remains for only a short period since something else starts piquing their curiosity.

It makes them unreliable and unbelievable. Hence, it is best that they find their life partner with life path number 1, 3, and 7. These numbers are known for their calmness, stability, and focus.

Good Matches – 1, 3, 7

Bad matches – 2, 4, 9

Life Path Number 6

Life path number 6 is associated with unconditional love, devotion, and commitment. If you fall in love with people having life path number 6, you would forever be loved and cared for. You would also find them supporting you in any situation and stand as a strong pillar beside you.

Your relationship would be filled with romance. These traits make them vulnerable since they ignore their own well-being and get into a phase of depression and anxiety. Life path numbers 1, 2, 8, and 9 are supposed to suppress these traits since they are affectionate, caring, and reciprocate feelings better.

Good Matches – 1, 2, 8, 9

Bad matches – 3, 7

Life Path Number 7

These people are shy ones. They tend to go deep into life matters even though others might find them unimportant. They have a high quotient of spirituality and desire for going inwards. These traits make them aloof and detached. They tend to remain away from social gatherings and people.

Hence, it becomes difficult to understand and establish a relationship or marriage. Life path numbers 4, 5, and 7 are considered best suited for them. They have traits of better understanding and adjusting to any person and situation.

Good Matches – 4, 5, 7

Bad matches – 6, 8, 9

Life Path Number 8

People with life path number 8 are driven by their thirst to achieve success at any cost. They work hard to achieve it but if they find their hard work is not giving desired results, then they would go to any length to make it happen. Though they are committed, their passion to achieve success sometimes becomes a hurdle in a relationship.

Hence, they may employ any tricks to save it or let go altogether for the sake of achieving something else. Life path number 4 and 6 are considered the best match for 8 since they keep a check on the hyper activities and restore calmness and balance.

Good Matches – 4, 6

Bad Matches – 1, 3, 5, 7, 9

Life Path Number 9

People possessing life path number 9 are considered to have a big heart. They are also spiritually active people and perceive things and situations effortlessly. They even support, inspire, and guide people in difficult situations.

Though they express love in a subtle way, they sometimes are haunted by past relationships and the bad taste they have left. Life path number 3, 6, and 9 are the best matches for 9 since they absorb pain better and help in forgetting past karmas easily.

Good Matches – 3, 6, 9

Bad Matches – 1, 4, 5, 7, 8

In Conclusion

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Remember, your partner is waiting for you somewhere.

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