Birthday Numerology *2021 Update*- Find Out What You Numbers Are!

In the field of numerology, numbers hold unique vibrations that can help you understand yourself, your life path, your inherent talents, and what gifts you have to offer to the world.

Every number is endowed with power, and this power manifests in your life through your experiences, the challenges you face, and the skills you’re equipped with that can help you overcome your challenges.

Birthday Numerology

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Your birth date holds the key to important information on your life lessons, your destiny, and how you can live your best life. This is seen through a number known as your Life Path number.

Your birth on this planet on a specific date was no accident.

Numerologists believe that we ourselves choose to incarnate into this plane of existence on particular dates, in order to learn, grow, and develop our souls through the vibrations the numbers present in those dates carry.

What is the Life Path Number?

Your Life Path number is one of the most important numbers in numerology. It helps you find your life purpose, the life lessons that will come your way, as well as your innate abilities and talents.

The Life Path number manifests into your life in the form of the experience that come your way. Your career path can also be ascertained using this number.

If you feel unhappy with your life, or find that things don’t seem to be working out your way, the chances are that you are walking down a different path than the one you were meant to follow.

Your Life Path number can help you find your real destiny in this life When you walk together with your Life Path number, your life will feel easier, as if a natural flow is guiding you through life, and you will be able to find inner peace as well as your place in this world.

Calculate your Life Path Number using your Birth Date

You can calculate your Life Path number easily by yourself. To find your numerological Life Path number,

  • First write down your complete birth date. If you were born on 12th September, 1994, then write it as: 12+9+1994.
  • Let’s start with your birth year, you will have to add each individual number, and then reduce it down to a single digit. For 1994, you should add 1+9+9+4 = 23.
  • Your Life Path, using the given an example, can be found by first adding together 12+9+23, which gives you 44. Now reduce 44 into a single digit by adding 4+4=8.
  • The Life Path number of the person born on 12th September, 1994, is therefore, 8.

You should always reduce the number you get down to a single digit number, that is, between the range of 1-9. If you get the number 10, this is reduced as 1+0=1.

There are only two circumstances where this rule is not followed. When you find the numbers 11 or 12, don’t reduce these. These are called Master Numbers, and hold special significance in numerology.

Your birth date holds a lot more information about who you are, your gifts and talents, how people perceive you, and how best you can walk on your true life path. You will truly begin to experience the vibration associated with your Life Path number once you reach 35 years of age.

These other numbers are the:

  • Birth Date Number
  • The Birth Month Number
  • The Birth Year Number
  • The Attitude Number

Let’s look through these, so you can make the most from numerology and learn more about yourself and what you were born to do.

What is the Meaning Behind your Birth Date Number?

Your Birth Date number holds important clues and information when it comes to your personality, inner world, how you see abd value yourself, and how you experience emotions in reaction to what is happening in your life.

When you want to discover your unique skills and talents, you should turn to your Birth Date number. This number also provides valuable insight in helping you select the career path that can best help you accomplish your life goals.

Find your Birth Date Number in Numerology

Finding your Birth Date number is extremely simple. It is simply the date of the month you were born on. So if you were born on 12th September, then 12 is your Birth Date number.

However, there is a school of thought in numerology that reduces down the actual birth date, making the Birth Date number the single digit form of your birth date.

If you would like to follow the rules of this school of thought,iThen this is how you find your Birth Date number:

  • If you were born on a single digit date, that is between the 1st and the 9th of any month, then that is your birth date.
  • The Master Numbers 11 and 22 also maintain their significance.
  • However, any other date gets reduced to its single digit form. This means that 12 would become 1+2=3, 10 would become 1+0=1, 31 would become 3+1=4, and so on and so forth.

Both the actual birth date number and reduced number will help you discover more about yourself in numerology. You will most strongly feel the effects of this number between your 28th and 56th year of life.

What is the Birth Month number in numerology?

The Birth Month number is the same as the number of the month you were born, and this does not decrease. Every month provides different experiences that sculpt who you become as an adult.

Felt most strongly between your 28th and 56th year of life, this number shows how your early childhood years helped shape you into the adult version of yourself.

What is the Birth Year number in Numerology?

This number, found by adding together the numbers in your year of birth (1994 becomes 1+9+9+4= 23, then 23 is reduced again as 2+3=5).

An indicator of the shared collective experience those born in the same year as you will experience, this number reveals to you the general themes that will manifest in your life.

What is the Attitude Number in Numerology?

The Attitude Number reflects on your behavioral traits and characteristics, that arose from the general life experiences and circumstances you found yourself in. Unlike the other numbers, vibrations manifested under this number is changeable, and such changes will appear at regular intervals in your life.

Here is how you find your Attitude Number:

  • First, write down your birth date and birth month number. For 12th September, this becomes 12+9.
  • Now, reduce your birth date number to get a single digit. Therefore, 12 becomes 1+2=3.
  • Now add together your birth date and birth month number. In the given example, this becomes 3+9=12.
  • In this case, as the number 12 is a double digit number, we must further reduce it to get a single digit number. So, we add 1+2=3.
  • The Attitude Number here is therefore 3.

If you ever find that the Life Path number is not lining up with the way a person is behaving, always check their Attitude Number.

This will help you learn more about their responses to life, as a result of their experiences, and is crucial to discovering how close or far a person is from their destined life path.

Birthday Number Vibrations

Now that we know how to calculate the different numbers, let’s quickly look at what general vibrations the numbers 1 through 9 actually carry in numerology, and what these mean for you and your life path.

  • 1 – Leadership and Independence: This number invites you to discover who you are as an individual, find your own voice, and grow as a confident person.
  • 2 – Networker and Mediator: This number asks you to develop your communication skills, develop partnerships, experience love, and build strong connections with other people.
  • 3 – Communicator and Socializer: With this number, you will learn to develop your creative skills, and find how to balance your natural optimism with the practical realities of life.
  • 4 – Ambition and Discipline: This number creates strong vibrations when it comes to achieving great goals, however, only with daily effort and consistency will these goals be achieved.
  • 5 – Adventure and Freedom: This number beckons great adventure into your life, but this must be balanced against a structure that best fits your life and your needs.
  • 6 – Carer and Lover: This number is all about harmony, love and relationships. You will value familial bonds, friendships, and stability in your life path.
  • 7 – Research and Spirituality: The number of intuition, this number indicates that you have a strong natural intuition that must be balanced against practicality to achieve great goals in life.
  • 8 – Power and Authority: A strong ability to work towards your goals is a key theme here, but this number will also challenge you by asking you not to carry all the weight of a succesful endeavor by yourself, but also to delegate when necessary.
  • 9 – Society and Service: This number shows that you are a great humanitarian, an empath when it comes to society, and will teach you how to grow from every experience life brings your way.

These are only a drops of water in the ocean that is numerology. Let us help you learn more about your life purpose and destiny with our free numerology report.

In Conclusion

Numerology is a powerful tool that can help you find the right direction in your life, but only an experienced numerologist can decipher, combine, and find the hidden clues that make your unique numerological chart.

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