My Angel Number *2021 Update*- What Do Angel Numbers Mean?

Your Personal Angel Number

Numerology or the Science of Numbers is a form of divination that studies the sacred implications of numbers for what it can foretell about the future and more.

A trained numerologist can help you access the significant numbers for you and inform you about their symbolism. You can then use the presence of these numbers in your life to your advantage.

Numbers have been in existence since the very inception of our Universe and resonate with sacred energy. The vibrational frequency of numbers is similar to that of beings that reside on the supranatural plane of existence that lies above our mortal plane.

Spirits and other Divine beings exist on this higher plane and watch over us, humans. As per Divine Law, these spirits cannot communicate with us directly.

As a result, they use signs and symbols to pass on their messages to us. Numbers are a preferred method of communication for our guardian angels.

Our guardian angels project certain numbers and number sequences into our surroundings repeatedly to try to communicate with us. These numbers are called Angel Numbers in Numerology.

Numerology can help us divine the meaning of many important numbers such as our Life Path Number, our Soul Urge Number and our Angel Number, to name a few. We discuss the significance of Angel Numbers in detail here.

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How Do Angel Numbers Work?

You might be wondering, “How will my Angel Number work?”.  Angel numbers work on the basis of synchronicity. They are repeated ad infinitum in your environment, until the significance of their message fades.

You might come across numbers being repeated in your immediate surroundings and dismiss their presence as chance.

However, it is important for you to know that these numbers are deliberately registering in your conscience because your guiding spirits want them to. You would find it incredibly easy to overlook them otherwise.

“How can I tell what my Angel Number is?” is a common question that numerologists receive.

If you’ve been coming across the same numbers on license plates, documents, clocks, banners, and others, you ought to recognize these numbers as your Angel Number.

Your angels are using them as a medium to interact with you and send you a message from above. 

Your Angel Number could hold warning for accidents or misfortunes waiting to happen. Alternatively, they could also serve as the bearer of good news about major life opportunities or special individuals heading your way.

What Do Different Angel Numbers Mean?

In this section, we acquaint you with the meaning for different angel numbers. Angel numbers can be singular digits or numbers repeating.

While number sequences with numbers repeating in them are more commonly found Angel Numbers, singular digit Angel Numbers also exist.

In order to decode the meaning of repeating number sequence Angel Numbers, you will need to know what the individual numbers mean by themselves. We inform you about the same below –

  • Angel Number 1 – Angel Number 1 usually indicates that you are about to enter a new phase of your life. It is a message from your angels to stay positive and proceed with confidence and courage.

    You can and must rely on yourself and believe you can succeed, for you to actually do so.
  • Angel Number 2 – Angel Number 2 is a call from your angels for you to retrospect your life and reflect on the choices you have made and are making. Your angels are asking you to be mindful of the goals you set now.

    In addition, if you are being sent Angel Number 2, know that you need to hold your ground even in the face of popular pressure. You know what is best for you, don’t let others tell you any different.
  • Angel Number 3 – Angel Number 3 is projected to those who need to let down their defenses and allow things to take their course.

    Usually, if you’ve been holding on to a secret, Angel Number 3 is asking you to finally let go of this secret and express it to the world.

    If you’ve been hesitating to start work on a project, it is time now for you to arrive at a decision regarding the same.
  • Angel Number 4 – Angel Number 4 tells you that you must pay attention to the foundation that grounds your being. Self-care and self-nourishing are important activities that you need to prioritize.

    You should also set aside time for nurturing the important relationships in your life.
  • Angel Number 5 – Angel Number 5 is a message from your angels that positive change is around the corner and you need not be afraid of change.

    Often, we find ourselves stuck in a rut and unable to move forward. If my Angel Number is 5, my angels are telling me that it is time for me to embrace change and all the possibilities that it could bring into my life.
  • Angel Number 6Angel Number 6 asks you to review your investments in life and check whether the life you are leading is balanced or not. You might be ignoring some aspects of your life to focus on others.

    If you see Angel Number 6, you might need to rethink your life and shuffle things in your life to achieve better work-life balance.
  • Angel Number 7 – Angel Number 7 lets you know that you deserve to rest and enjoy your own downtime. If you feel like you need a vacation, go ahead and take it.

    Spending time alone recharging yourself will only help you pursue your Life’s Purpose with renewed vigor.
  • Angel Number 8Angel Number 8 signifies hardships and difficulties. With Angel Number 8, my Angel Number is carrying the message of reassurance from my angels that even though times might be difficult currently, they will soon improve.

    My angels tell me not to give into negative thinking and realize that every struggle brings a silver lining. All I have to do is find this silver lining and push forward.
  • Angel number 9 – Angel Number 9 symbolizes compassion for self and others. Maybe you have been judging yourself or another person in your life with more strictness than required.

    You need to be able to show kindness and empathy, both to others and your own self. Kindness and compassion can be life-altering and Number 9 is asking you to practice these values in your life.
  • Angel Number 0 – Angel Number 0 stands for infinity. You are most inclined to witnessing Angel Number 0 in your life when you are living a wholesome and fulfilling life, that is deeply spiritual and nourishing at the same time.

    If my Angel Number is 0, my angels are telling me I’m on the right path and can expect greater joy and goodness in my life ahead.

When these singular numbers occur in repetitions in the same sequence, their energies multiply. So, if my Angel Number is 111, the energy and inherent signification of the Angel Number 1 simply strengthens in my Angel Number.

If Angel Number 1 is indicative of major new changes and positive thinking powers, Angel Number 111 impresses how concentrating your own positive energy can help you manifest positive changes in your life.

The Universe will always be present to help, but Angel Number 111 reminds you that you are responsible for the changes you let into your life and the ones that you repel.

The act of interpreting Angel Numbers also needs to take into account your personal circumstances besides the general meanings commonly associated with them.

If you wish to learn how to maximize your returns from a reading of your Angel Number, you need to know how to read them embedded into your personal context.

In Conclusion

Utilize the magic of numbers to live a more purposeful and motivated life. You can also use Numerology to learn in-depth about the person you are destined to become.

Seek out a trained and experienced numerologist’s services to provide you with a reliable and accurate numerological reading.

If you do not wish to go to all that effort but still want to know what the essential numbers in your life mean, visit the link above and enter your name and date of birth.

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