Life Path Number 7 *2021 Update*- Path of Intelligence…

The Seeker who possesses the admirable quality of seeing infinite possibilities in every situation and person.

Life Path Number 7 Meaning

People born under Life Path Number 7 are on a path of intelligence. This is going to be an amazing journey that is going to be driven by your desire for knowledge.

In fact, this quest is going to be the main driving force behind everything that happens to you and everything you accomplish in life.

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Until you acknowledge and admit that your life purpose is the attainment of wisdom, you will feel frustrated and confused by the attitudes and actions of other individuals.

Personality Traits

Seeks Perfection

As a 7, you are constantly seeking perfection in an imperfect world. You always try to find what’s perfect for you and when you do discover your version of perfection, you will quickly feel dissatisfied once you find its flaws.

Keep in mind that you also have flaws. If you’re unable to review your own thoughts and actions, then ask someone close to you to help you reflect on this matter.

You will quickly discover that your exacting soul has standards that cannot be met by others or even yourself.

Prefers Loneliness

Number 7 individuals often like to remove themselves from the happenings of everyday life. Unfortunately, others will regard this strange desire as secrecy and may not want to approach you or get to know you.

This ‘strange’ aura you have may feel unnerving to others but it’s a natural aspect of your personality.

By trying to act ‘normal’ just to gain acceptance from others, you’re in fact going to alienate yourself from others. Your attempt at being fake will be seen as vulgar, awkward, and even judgemental.

Since you’re also a proud person, your pride will likely suffer. Maintaining your dignity is important for you and will help you overcome loneliness.

Citizen of the Mind

You love to live in your mind. You’re constantly finding answers via a constant stream of questions. So it’s not shocking at all that you’re intrigued by puzzles because life is a puzzle for you.

Unraveling this puzzle is a part of your life’s journey. Being a constant inhabitant of the mind, you have unique insights into topics that enable you to make strong arguments for personal and social change.

Your unique perspective on things often astounds others.

Prone to Stress

Due to your constant thought-driven desire to solve and seek, you’re extremely prone to worrying and accumulating stress, especially when something is beyond your comprehension.

As a result, you are prone to constant headaches. These headaches become pronounced when you have to endure situations, environments, and people that are against your nature.

Intellectually Open

Your constant quest to answer questions by coming up with more questions gives you a research bent of mind. This helps you develop an open mind which is important for your wellbeing and life purpose.

However, the problem is you tend to think that you already have this mindset when in fact, your beliefs are quite fixed.

The number 7 individual can achieve true intellectual openness when they accept imperfections and differences in life. This happens when you accept that you’re an emotional person who was NOT born with all the knowledge in the world.

You’re in fact here to learn!

Prone to Paranoia

This is a common condition afflicting the number 7 individual. You’re constantly worried that ‘big brother’ is keeping a close eye on you. This is actually your unaccepted fear of how you think people are perceiving you.

You must let fear do what it’s intended to- protect you. Truth is the only knowledge that will give you power.

Fearful of Poverty and Scandal

These are two of your most dreaded fears in life. However, your ability to come up with master plans will help you build the inner security you so desperately desire.

Do not fall prey to schemes, plots, behind-the-scenes activities, and scandal as these will help set in your fears of poverty and scandal.

Drawn to Spiritual Pursuits

The number 7 is also considered a spiritual number. Your mind is capable of going into extreme thought depths. It is capable of mastering spirituality because spirit is your awareness.

Being a scientifically-driven person, you tend to keep your feelings unaddressed because of your need to think.

After all, there is no place for emotions in science right? Wrong. Real scientists are actually trying to pursue God; the start of life. It’s the financial incentives and fear of what might be discovered that prevent the truth from coming out.


You despise the mundane and ordinary. This can make you very critical of others, often causing you to hurt others’ feelings. It may lead to break-ups in friendships and relationships as well.

Your critical nature arises from your exacting and high standards. In your quest for perfection, you must remember that no one will ever meet all of your expectations even if they have a desire to.

By recognizing this innate tendency, you will be able to overcome this inadvertent snobbery. It will help you develop compassion, friendliness, and confidence. You will appear more attractive when you express yourself with a touch of humility.

Other follow your Example

Many people will try to become like you. They may try to copy your appearance, your lifestyle, or even your expressions. Before you let this annoy you, keep in mind that imitation is the best form of flattery.

Most people will fail miserably in this endeavor and will likely criticize you for being pompous. Keep in mind, it’s not you who is pretending here.

Cerebral Conversations

Being an extremely intelligent individual, you don’t like being labeled as either an ignoramus or a know-it-all. This may devastate your dignity.

You love engaging in intelligent discussions and are irritated by unsophisticated exchanges. When you’re placed in an idle argument, you may start being aggressive or even begin shouting just to convince others.

You may deal with boring conversations by pretending to listen or sitting quietly and looking dignified.

However, what you’re really doing is quietly running away into your inner tranquillity. If that’s not possible, you may abruptly get up and leave.

Your passion for knowing stuff and wanting to eloquently argue a point helps win debates and even respect.

What Do You Need to Work On?

You are in constant search of wisdom, but there’s no point in this path if you simply gather knowledge and don’t share it with everyone.

You must realize how blessed you truly are because you’re able to gain profound truths from every experience. Find the strength and courage to partake in your dreams and knowledge with other people.

This will help you realize you’re not alone. You have an impressive contribution to make towards life.

Your need to withdraw and ‘think’ often lends you an aura of secrecy, alienation, and gloom. This will not contribute to positive impressions or rumors about you.

In fact, people will often misjudge you as being emotionally unresponsive or cold. This may make it difficult for you to start new friendships or maintain old ones.

You can overcome these impressions with the simple act of sharing your wisdom and knowledge. This opens others up to who you truly are. Don’t let boredom deter you from life.

Accept that the mediocre and mundane will always exist in life. It is a part of reality.

Famous People with Life Path 7

– Queen Elizabeth

– Marilyn Monroe

– Princess Diana


– George Bush Senior

– Dr. Phil McGraw

– Jerry Garcia

Natural Careers and Vocations for 7

Due you to your constant pursuit of knowledge and truth, you’ll be naturally drawn to the following career paths:

– Archaeology

– Theologian

– Clergyman

– Historian

– Surgeon

– Scientific Researcher

– Judge

– Investment Counsellor

– Psychoanalyst

– Marine Biologist

In Conclusion

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