Good Numbers in Numerology – *2021 Update* You Need These Numbers…

Although we like to make things as black and white as possible, when it comes to Numerology a lot depends on individuals.

This discipline refers to the study of numbers in a person’s life and how they can help reveal that person’s path or, in some cases, red flags to avoid.

But Numerology isn’t as simple as “good” and “bad.”

Good Numbers in Numerology

Numbers that are good for one person might be considered bad for another. But generally, Numerology uses the terms lucky and unlucky as opposed to good and bad.

Other important, auspicious numbers may be powerful or lead to better spiritual realization.

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How Are Good Numbers Determined?

Numerology is a discipline made up of many different systems that numerologists can use to analyze the numbers in your life.

They might look at your name, birth date, or any significant recurrent numbers to help you understand your strengths, weaknesses, and life path.

The different systems are as follows:

  • Chinese Numerology
  • Abjad System
  • Chaldean System
  • Pythagorean System
  • Alphabetic System
  • Latin Alphabetic System

Each individual has a life path number, birth date number, expression, personality, and soul numbers. These are based off of your birthday or your name.

A numerologist can use their preferred system to write up a report for you with these numerical values and what they mean to you.

If you haven’t had a numerologist look into your numbers, you can also look at your own life and surroundings to identify what numbers might be beneficial to you.

These may include numbers related to an important occurrence, person, or date: for example, if something good always happen on the 8th of the month, you may consider your lucky number to be 8.

The number you feel attached to could also be related to nature. Despite how far away humans have evolved from nature, we are still tethered to it, and feel the vibrations of certain numbers that hold meaning to us.

Some numbers might feel symmetrical to you, such as the Fibonacci sequence that is often referred to as the Golden Ratio. It shows up in nature regularly to create beautiful patterns.

Sometimes finding your lucky number can be as simple as choosing the number of your favorite sports player. Although it might seem silly, there’s a reason – deeply intuitive – that you’re attracted to certain numbers.

Keep in mind – One of the greatest numbers related to luck and interest from the divine realm is Angel Number 0000.

Birth Numbers Numerology

Birth numbers are some of the most important numbers that a numerologist can give you. They’re specific to the individual and lay out your unique life path.

Birth numbers are based on the day you entered this world – not the day you were planned to, or the day your parents were hoping to, but the day that your body was physically welcomed to the earth. The day you began your journey.

Some people consider their birth numbers lucky because they’re so specific to them.

How do you find your birth number?

The simplest way is to add up the numbers of the day, month, and year you were born individually. Then add up the three numbers you derive from that. You keep adding until you come up with a single digit number.

For example, someone born March 30, 1969 would have the following path to a birth number:

03 – 0 + 3 = 3

30 – 3 + 0 + 3

1969 – 1 + 9 + 6 + 9 = 25. 2 + 5 = 7

With the numbers from these equations we get:

3 + 3 + 7, which is then reduced to: 13.

1 + 3 = 4.

This person’s birth number would be 4. They may consider the number 4 lucky or beneficial, and begin to be on the lookout for it in their life, allowing it to direct their path.

Master Numbers

The master numbers of numerology are 11, 22, and 33. All three are incredibly strong and lead to success. They can be viewed as signs or hints from the universe, and master numbers in a person’s life may hold great significance.

While most double-digit numbers in Numerology are intentionally worked down to a single digit, if these Master Numbers appear in your life, there’s a reason.

They can be greatly influential and also greatly detrimental if not handled correctly. Here are their strengths:

  • 11, the Master Visionary, represents a channel to your subconscious, or insight without direct thought. It leads individuals to success naturally, without force, and creates charisma, leadership, and inspiration in the self and others.

    It is the first stepping stone in the trio of enlightenment.
  • 22 is considered the Master Builder. This number turns dreams into reality – people influenced by the number 22 are practical, methodical, and down to earth. They are great leaders who are never lacking in self-confidence.
  • 33 is viewed as the Master Teacher and the most powerful of the three numbers. It signifies that the individual attracted or attached to it is deeply spiritually involved with the world.

    They are spiritually uplifting for others and devoted to the betterment of humankind. If this number appears regularly in your life, you’re on the path to being a source of comfort and enlightenment to others.

Lucky Numbers in Numerology

While lucky numbers can be determined by a person’s preferences or the recognition of a recurrent number in their life, Numerology does consider some specific numbers lucky or auspicious.

As with many of the interpretations in Numerology these numbers can be influenced by culture.

The Eastern vs. Western worlds see certain numbers through a different lens. For example, Eastern cultures associate numbers with their sounds, whereas Western cultures often associate numbers with biblical or religious events and players. One way or the other isn’t necessarily correct. If you feel that something is “off” about a number, there’s a reason.

Trust your intuition.

What are some of the luckiest numbers in Numerology?

  • 1 – This is the number of beginnings, new or old. 1 is a sign of fresh starts. The opportunity to get started on a new path or do things over a better way.
  • 5 – This number is considered to be deeply connected to nature and symmetry. It’s also related to intellect. Eastern cultures might find this number to be unlucky in some cases as the pronunciation of the word five is similar to that of “not” or “without.”
  • 7 – In Western cultures 7 holds a lot of positive meaning. It’s a number related to biblical signs, including the 7th day, when God rested after creating the earth. There are 7 notes in a harmonic octave and 7 distinct colors in a rainbow.
    Many numerologists consider 7 to be one of the luckiest numbers in the universe, as it can be found anywhere in nature. The number 7 holds a bit of mystery to it, related to the spiritual world and intuition.
  • 8 – Eastern cultures consider the number 8 to be lucky because its pronunciation is similar to “wealth.” This number is related to business numerology and finances, but when considered as a trait number it can easily dip into problems of being controlling, authoritative, and overbearing.
  • 666 – While this may seem contrary to popular belief, 666 is actually considered a lucky number by Eastern traditions. It sounds like the phrase “things going smoothly,” and is valued because of that.

    666 is often displayed in shop windows and on signs to attract good luck. In Western culture, because of the biblical connotation with the Devil, it’s usually avoided.

    When taken apart, the number 6 by itself is a sign of health, harmony, and abundance. By numerological logic then 666 can be seen as lucky as the traits of the number 6 are magnified.

When looking into lucky numbers, it’s important to stay aware of your intuition. Focusing too tightly on the idea of lucky numbers or luck in general fights intuition. But if you stay open-minded, the numbers will find you.

Look for signs of repetition in your life. Is there a certain day of the week that feels particularly lucky to you? A certain time of the day, the way some people use 11:11 as the wish-making hour?

Or are you a sports person whose intuition draws them to a certain jersey number?

Whatever the case, choosing to dig deeper into Numerology can reveal even more significance behind these lucky numbers.

Whether you decide to get a full reading or just an idea of your strengths and weaknesses, knowing what numbers are auspicious and meaningful in your life will lead you on a successful path toward enlightenment and security.

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