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What is Expression Number 1?

The person who identifies with the number 1 is highly individualistic.

The number 1 is the primal number, the first number. It is the origin of all numbers. You are a strong leader and enjoy helping others succeed.

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All numbers originate from 1, it is the creation number. When the number 1 is doubled, it results in 2. 1 added to 2, gives 3 and so on.

Expression Number 1

All the numbers have 1 as their source. It is the true expression of energy. All energy originates from a source and 1, in numerology, is the source of all numbers.

1 is strong, a leader, is full of desire to succeed, is goal-oriented, has ambition, and does not rely on anyone. 1 believes that he/she can manage life and does not depend on others much. The 1 person likes to be independent and assert their individual personality and use it to succeed.

It is the number associated with leaders, politicians, generals, celebrities, and businesspersons. Having strong leadership instincts are also tied closely to Destiny Number 8.

Let us look at the traits and characteristics that express itself in a person whose expression number is 1:

· Number 1 is the originator and thus takes initiative, whether in a career or in a relationship.

· 1 is confident and full of energy and is ready to succeed and achieve goals.

· 1 is a natural leader and people are drawn to the 1 person and know that he/she will lead them to success.

· If you’re a 1, your abilities will make you succeed at anything you do. It creates an entrepreneurial spirit that can help you start your own venture and succeed at it.

· An entrepreneur will succeed only on taking risks. The more the risk taken, the higher is the reward. The 1 person is ready to take risks and understand how this risk will help or hinder his/her success path.

· 1 has a strong personality that is magnetic and easily attracts others. This is why 1 persons not only make good leaders but achieve success in the world of films and fashion where a charismatic personality is needed for success.

· 1 is focused and can concentrate to ensure that what he/she wants happens.

· Strength – not just physical, but strength of character is the hallmark of a 1 person. This character combined with their willingness to work hard and a ‘never say die’ attitude is the reason for the success of a 1 person.

· 1 is self-centered. They want to dominate and in some cases, the keenness of dominate can make them blind to the feelings of others. 1 is stubborn.

· Pride is both a positive and a negative trait for the 1 person.

· The 1 person becomes judgmental of others that can affect relationships.

Significance Of Expression Number 1

The 1 person is most likely to achieve all his/her goals. He is creative, has the ability to come out with the idea, can convince others, and can provide leadership to achieve success. The magnetic personality associated with 1 ensures they are the center of things and attract people, success, and money easily.

They expect their loved one to depend on them and be faithful because they like to be faithful in love. They bring passion into a relationship.

The self-centered nature of the 1 person can lead to him/her becoming a bully or a dictator that can affect their character. They are so stubborn that they may become out of touch with reality. Their proud nature can lead to arrogance.

This can affect their relationships with people, including their loved ones. It is important that the 1 person learns to create balance in their life and include kindness and compassion in their lives, so that they succeed at relationships.

Numerology is a belief system that focuses on the importance of numbers in the lives of people. Numerology believes that there are many numbers associated with people. These numbers have energy that is referred to as vibrational energy.

These numbers can have an impact on the lives of people. The numbers affect the way a person behaves and thus affects their traits and personal characteristics.

In numerology, numbers are derived from the name of a person or the date on which they were born. The number has an impact on a person’s life and future. Of the different kinds of numbers in numerology, one of the key numbers is known as expression number.

The expression number expresses the individuality of a person. It tells all about a person from the time he/she was born. It expresses the traits of a person and what the future holds for that person.

The concept behind expression number is that the universe is made of energy. In fact, the universe expresses itself in the form of energy. The people who stay in the universe are also expressions of energy. The difference between a living and dead person is the soul or energy.

This energy enters us at the time of birth. The name a person gets when he/she is born gives energy and this energy expresses itself in the person’s life. The express number is a manifestation of this concept.

How To Calculate Your Expression Number?

The expression number originates from the name of a person. It is the expression of the energy in a person manifested at his birth. The expression comes in the form of the name of the person. This is the full name of the person as given at birth.

A person can have more than one name. It can be a nickname, an official name used for records, a short name, etc. The name to be considered is the full name that has been given at birth.

In numerology, there is one more key number known as personality number. For this, the full name is considered and the vowels are not considered, only the consonants. The expression number should consider the full name given at birth not any other name and it will consider all the letters in the name, both vowels and consonants.

To calculate the expression number, one needs to consider the number associated with each letter of the alphabet contained in the name. These numbers need to be added together to yield the result. The result will be a two-digit number. When the two digits are added, we get the expression number.

There is an exception to be considered, which is for the numbers 11, 22, and 33. These three numbers are known as master numbers that are special numbers.

The following table shows the alphabets associated with each number (from 1 to 9):

1 A, J, S

2 B, K, T

3 C, L, U

4 D, M, V

5 E, N, W

6 F, O, X

7 G, P, Y

8 H, Q, Z

9 I, R

We will take an example to understand how to calculate the expression number. Let us take the name of Barack Obama. The numbers associated with the letters need to be added to get the answer.

B + A + R + A + C + K + O + B + A + M + A = 2 + 1 + 9 + 1 + 3 + 2 + 6 + 2 + 1 + 4 + 1 = 32. When we add 3 and 2, we get 5. So the expression number associated with Barack Obama is 5. Similarly, when the digits corresponding to the letters in your name are added, your expression number can be derived. This may be 1.


The expression number 1 person is strong, individualistic, and oriented towards success. If you are a 1 person, you are likely to succeed in all that you do. You will get fame, money, and find love and happiness. Your self-centered nature can be a limitation that can even drag you down.

While you use the positive aspects of your personality, you need to focus on the negative points and take care of them, so your success will also bring you happiness and contentment in life.

The expression number is computed from the name given to you at the time of your birth. You can get to know your expression number, as well as other numbers like personality number, destiny number, etc. from your numerology report.

The numerology report is a complete and detailed report that has all the numbers associated with you listed out along with the significance of these numbers. The impact these numbers would have on your life are explained in the numerology report, which is prepared by a numerology expert.

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