Destiny Number 7 Meaning *2021 Update*- You Are Wise If…

Have you been seeing the number 7 popping up in your day to day life?

According to Numerology, this number has a very specific meaning and only shows up when your guardian angels are trying to tell you something.

The Meaning Of Destiny Number 7

What exactly is Destiny number 7, and what does it mean to have this number?

Destiny Number 7 is considered to be the number of wisdom. People with this number have the power to quickly adapt.

People with this number are often great with crowds. They are loved by many, but at the same time could be a bit insecure.

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Others might find you to be appealing and full of wisdom, and will want to seek your help. These are similar traits to Angel Number 1221.

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7’s minds are filled with brilliance. Their practicality and uniqueness have been known to bewitch audiences. People with Destiny Number 7 are always seeking out the truth. They analyze things fairly before they make a judgment.

The primary reason other people gravitates towards them is their warm and understanding nature. 7’s are sympathetic to other’s plights. They are happy, witty, charming, intelligent, and adaptable.

Even with all these positive attributes, it’s in a 7’s nature to doubt themselves from time to time. They tend to be on a never-ending journey of knowledge. In this journey they constantly ask questions which sometimes turn inwards, causing them to doubt themselves.

People with Destiny Number 7 are at their happiest when they are making everyone’s life easy. They are givers.

The Connection Between Destiny Number 7 And Love

They believe in meaningful relationships between mind, body, and soul. People with Destiny number 7 are highly intellectual, and in touch with their emotions, they will not settle for casual relationships.

Casual flings are baffling to them. They are intellectually and emotionally evolved and therefore would hope the same for their relationships.

Keep in mind – getting more in touch with your emotions has a big carry-over to Personal Year 2.

They expect to have fulfilling relationships with their partners. A relationship without the doubts, a relationship where both people know each other’s worth.

7s usually connect with people who are as evolved as them, they get involved in relationships with people who share similar spirituality.

Although they might not be interested in a casual relationship, they will always turn down a person gently.

Very few people have the same charisma and brilliance.

Destiny Number 7 and Your Career Path

People with Destiny Number 7 tend to draw crowds and have a way with words. They gravitate towards artistic careers as well as becoming wordsmiths, politicians or diplomats.

Their wisdom and adaptability make them perfect for the position of power. They would never abuse the authority and always work for the betterment of their culture and country.

They also like to teach. People with Destiny Number 7 also seek out careers at a ministry or a teaching position. Their wisdom is such that they have to share it with their pupils. They want everyone to be a better person.

While they can’t help out everyone in person, those with political or diplomatic careers help others by making their surroundings a better place.

Apart from that, they can also help from behind the scenes. They might pursue intellectual careers where they can perform research and make history.

Different Number Types in Numerology

Life Path Number:

As the name suggests, the life path number speaks about the path one should take through their life, skills, and talents. This path will lead you on a rewarding journey.

Destiny Number:

The number teaches us about our life goals. What would give us the utmost satisfaction? It leads us to our purpose so we can feel fulfilled.

Soul Number:

The Soul Number speaks about our inner and deepest secrets. It talks about our dreams and some of the deepest desires. The number leads us to the light, where we are open about our inner self, ingrained attitudes, and underlying motivations.

Maturity Number:

The Maturity number reveals the changes you make in life to become a person, a person who you are really within yourself, your true self.

Karmic Debt Number:

Without numerology to guide us, we were unaware of how we abuse our talents in the past. Karmic Debt numbers remind us about these events and encourage us to make amends for them.

Lucky Number:

Lucky Number is one number that remains constant throughout your life. This number doesn’t lead you to an outright victory. That depends solely on your talents.

All the lucky number does is gives you an advantage. It could be a little one or a large one depending upon the occurrence of your lucky number in your life.

That depends solely on your talents. All the personal lucky number does is gives you an edge. It could be a little one or a large one depending upon the occurrence of your lucky number.

How To Calculate My Destiny Number?

What is the one question that has plagued us for ages? The question that has made us spend so much time thinking about it, that we started pulling back from life. What’s the purpose of our life?

We spend so much time trying to find the purpose of life while disbelieving it when it’s right in front of us. Numerology leads you to your destiny. The Destiny Number will teach you your way towards your life’s purpose and how you can reach it to its fulfillment.

There’s a critical difference between the life path number and destiny number. While the life path number shows you the meaning of your life, the destiny number is about how you will make it happen. It’s about how you’ll achieve the purpose.

We will now see how to calculate your destiny number. You need to know the numbers assigned to the alphabets then add them up as follows.

Number 1= A,J,S.

Number 2= B,K,T.

Number 3= C,L,U.

Number 4= D,M,V.

Number 5= E,N,W.

Number 6= F,O,X.

Number 7= G,P,Y.

Number 8= H,Q,Z.

Number 9= I,R.

We’ll calculate the destiny number for Oprah Gail Winfrey.

Oprah Gail Winfrey

67918 7193 5956957

6+7+9+1+8 7+1+9+3 5+9+5+6+9+5+7

31 20 46

3+1 2+0 4+6

4 2 10

4+2+10= 16.

Karmic Number 16, this is Oprah’s Karmic Number.

Add 1 and 6 to get her Destiny Number. So, Oprah’s Destiny Number is 7.


The destiny number 7 is the number of Distinguished individuals. They all can benefit from a little self-love. If there are obstacles in their path, then they are nothing but those they have created themselves.

Their romantic relationships and careers set a precedent for their lifestyle. They are solemn people who do not squander their life.

Although we have characterized them as givers, they are so much more, they seem to have almost mysterious powers that seem to see right through people.

That doesn’t mean that people with Destiny Number 7 do not face hardships. Everyone faces them in their life. Their wisdom comes from these experiences.

The destiny number is just the tip of the iceberg. At the beginning of the post, we have seen some of the numbers in Numerology. There’s a Soul Number, a Karmic Debt Number, and also the Lucky number.

We have shown you how you can calculate your destiny number and Karmic Number. But a Numerology Report can better help you understand the meaning of these Karmic Numbers.

It’s not hard to get access to your Numerology Report you can get it online. We have made provisions for you to get a free Numerology Report. This Numerology report page will ask your full name and date of birth. We have seen the importance of the name and date of birth in numerology.

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