Destiny Number 1 Meaning *2021 Update*- Let Go of This Now…

Your Destiny Number, otherwise known as your Life Path Number, is a crucial part of your numerological chart. It indicates the road you will take from birth to death. It reveals your personality traits as well as some of the challenges that you may face going forward.

This important number is calculated by adding the individual digits of your date of birth. For instance, if your birthday is January 5th, 1999, your destiny number is as follows:

1+5+1+9+9+9 = 34

3+4 = 7

Destiny Number 1 Meaning

If you have Destiny Number 1 on your chart, you are likely a hard worker who has great leadership qualities.

Learn to let go and allow others to make decisions for themselves.

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You are constantly challenged in your life. This tests your willingness to pursue your goals and keep your individuality and morals intact.

Your Personality Traits

As a 1, you are energetic, lively, and very self-confident. You have the ability to spread positivity to those around you. Your sense of humor and spontaneity make you a great friend. You are the kind of person who will do anything to make those around you laugh.

Loyalty is incredibly important to you. You would much rather speak your mind and leave nothing off the table. Some may find you blunt or a bit harsh. But you are keen on communicating whenever a problem arises.

You have a strong desire to move toward your goals. Obsessed with gaining freedom, you will work around-the-clock to find a career path that allows you to lead or make your own choices.

Because you are known for your aggression and intolerance, you have a hard time adapting to standards and norms set by other people. You would much rather set your own rules and go after your own goals. You find it difficult to take orders from someone else. Being your own boss is important to you.

Some people may find you arrogant due to your overwhelming confidence. You typically don’t seek out help and would much rather work in solitude.

You are often successful at making money due to your creative energy and great enthusiasm. Your lofty ambitions and executive abilities are valued. You make good decisions repeatedly and can be trusted by your peers.

At the end of the day, you often do not give yourself credit for all of your hard work. You are not easily satisfied and will push yourself too far. You need to learn to value yourself and relax once in a while.

Your Romantic Life

You likely wear the pants in your relationships. Because of your dominant nature, you want to lead your partner. As a result, you are not romantically compatible with those who also want to rule the relationship. You are best with someone who is sensitive and submissive.

Sadly, you may have trouble in the romantic department. Your aggressive nature can be a shock to some. Make sure that you learn to listen to your partner’s needs and communicate often.


When it comes to your career, you are very ambitious. Your focus and determination ensure that you do not fail. You excel in positions of power like a CEO, executive, entrepreneur, or in sales.

Your problem-solving skills as well as your spontaneity make you a valuable asset in the workplace. You are able to handle difficult situations better than most.

Independent in nature, you can easily make decisions without others. You do not have trouble getting tasks done quickly and effectively. You are best to work independently as you often get irritated by others’ lack of drive and confidence.

Love And Family

As noted above, you may have trouble in romance at first. Your aggressive nature makes you hard to get along with at points. But once you find the one, you are loyal as can be.

You may have many relationships before finally settling down. Your high expectations make it difficult for you to find someone to spend your life with.

Because of your investment in your career and goals, you tend to push your romantic partners away. It is important that you learn to balance all aspects of your life so that you can have a wonderful family life.

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Women and This Important Number

If you are a woman, you will likely spend the majority of your time on your family life. You will do everything in your power to create a safe, loving environment for your family, friends, and guests.

You enjoy indulging in charitable activities and supporting non-profits in your community. You are confident in your outlook on life and want others to have the same privileges.

When faced with challenges, you are responsible and make decisions confidently. You have tough skin and will face adversity with a smile.

Lacking confidence can be a huge hinderance for you. See 1207 meaning to avoid falling for this and having angel number 1207 impact you negatively.

You are social, kind, and friendly to all those you meet. Your friends and loved ones always feel happy around you.

Men and This Important Number

Men born with a 1 in their chart usually are interested in a career that allows them power and financial abundance. You may be interested in politics or entrepreneurship.

Your ambition and confidence will make you a great leader in your respective field. If you channel your efforts correctly, you will likely help lift the underprivileged.

Those around you will be jealous of your skills and all that you bring to the table. Be kind to those you interact with and help anyone who needs you.

Positives And Negatives Associated With This Number

Your dedication and determination make you successful in most things that you do. However, when you do make a mistake, you are often hard on yourself. You need to learn from your errors.

Since you like excitement and spontaneity, you get easily bored in monotonous situations. If caught in a continuous loop of unvaried tasks, you are unpleasant to be around.

It is best for others to give you the space that you deserve and step aside so that you can thrive.


Throughout everyone’s lives, there are challenging situations that shape our destiny. Some may look at this as a calling from the future. People with a 1 in their chart are just like this.

While you make a great leader, you are here to learn how to cooperate with others. Take a step back and understand that other people in your life have insights to share too.

One of your biggest challenges in this life is being a strong, effective leader without getting carried away with the power. Learn to be more considerate of your surroundings and those around you.

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