Can Angel Numbers Change? *2021 Update* You May Be Surprised…

Angel numbers, which are essentially sequential or repeated numbers that an individual sees regularly, are meant to convey important messages that shouldn’t be ignored.

In a world of numbers it’s hard to know what exactly is a sign and what to pay attention to. A good general rule to follow is that if you see a number frequently, it’s the Universe trying to get a message to you.

Can Angel Numbers Change?

Some numbers will stick with you throughout your life, such as a life number or soul number, derived from your birth date or name.

Others will take an open mind and belief in Numerology to decipher. But once you start paying attention, the payoff is huge – you’ll start feeling confident, focused, and able to see the path you’re meant to be on.

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Why Do Angel Numbers Appear?

Angel numbers aren’t meant to be permanent, and if you see them for an extended period of time, it’s probably because you didn’t take the message seriously the first few times you got it.

Angel numbers appear based on what’s happening in your life. These can be emotional or mental states, big life events, or just day to day struggles.

Here are some examples of what might be going on in your life to cause angel numbers to appear:

  • You’re on a new path, a new beginning. This can be an exciting and even scary time. But when you see the Angel number that usually signifies this (a combination or repetition of 1), it’s just a message that “Yes, this is happening – this is your new start.” Embrace it.
  • Something is about to end. This can be good or bad, unfortunately. Numerology isn’t meant to be incredibly specific. You won’t see a big sign saying “Hey, you’re going to get laid off today.”

    But knowing when things are coming to an end can help enable you to move on. Or, conversely, you might be relieved to see a situation end.
  • Reassurance. A common theme in Angel numbers, the Universe could simply be reaching out to let you know you’re on the right path or being the person you’re meant to be.
  • A warning. While the term “warning” is vague, this is usually the Universe telling you that you aren’t being the best version of yourself and need to turn it around.

    Or it could be the reason you have an uneasy feeling about certain events or people. Listen to that gut feeling and let it guide you; its energy you’re sensing from the numbers in your life.
  • A reminder to breathe and slow down. Living your life, even on the right path, can be exhausting and take its toll. You might lose yourself in the mess of it sometimes, or burn the candle at both ends.

    Occasionally the Universe will jump in and tell you that now is the time to get down to some self-care.

Why Do My Angel Numbers Change?

The most sensible reason that you’ll see Angel numbers change is because your life is changing. You’re only going to see the sign for “new beginnings coming” as long as those beginnings are still new.

A great example is the start of a business. An individual might see signs for a new beginning.

Once they recognize and follow those signs and establish a business, they might be warned away from sketchy investors or clients by a series of repeating numbers.

And lastly, once business really starts picking up, the Universe might cheer them on with an Angel number including the number 8; a sign of prosperity!

My angel numbers are meant to be easily recognized due to their repetition and sequence, but interpreting them is a whole different story.

It might require the help of a numerologist and a full reading to understand what numbers will be consistent for you and what numbers are a sign of the times.

Working with a numerologist and digging deeper into Numerology will give you the tools to read the messages and put meaning together, as each individual number carries a meaning of its own.

For example, seeing 58 could be an indication that change (5) is coming and bringing with it financial abundance (8).

If you know what’s coming, you can be ready to embrace it and make the most of your situation! Harnessing Numerology can provide direction, reassurance, and clarity, allowing you to be your best self and succeed in whatever endeavors you pursue.

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