Can Angel Numbers Be Bad? *2021 Update* Well Actually…

In Numerology, Angel numbers are numbers that are sequential. They can appear in the form of 444 or 567. Like all other numbers, Angel numbers carry their own frequency of vibrations that can be interpreted once we understand their meaning and association.

Any numbers, patterned or not, can give direction. But Angel numbers specifically are a sign of divide guidance. The repetition of numbers is an attempt to get your attention as they’re very obvious and noticeable.

Can Angel Numbers be Bad?

They lend an urgency to whatever message is being sent your way. You might notice them on clocks, book pages, house numbers, or anywhere else that numbers might appear.

Some people shrug off Angel numbers as odd coincidences. Others might take a minute to wonder why they’re seeing it. Whether you’re interested in knowing why you’re seeing these numbers, or already familiar with Numerology and its uses, looking into the potential messages the Universe is trying to get to you is a great start.

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Good vs. Bad Angel Numbers

Like many other disciplines, when it comes to Numerology, things aren’t black and white. So marking a number as “good” or “bad” doesn’t quite work.

Angel numbers in particular can be viewed as auspicious signs or warning signs. It’s good to have an idea of common Angel numbers and their meanings, so that you’ll know what to look for.

Although if you’ve already experienced Angel numbers in your life you are probably well aware that there is to some extent a basic sense that comes along with recognizing the significance that numbers play.

It’s an intuition that everyone has, but some may feel it more strongly than others.

How Angel Numbers are Determined

Interpreting Angel numbers is a little more complicated than “everyday” Numerology. It’s best done with a professional who can provide a comprehensive reading, as well as interpretation.

Angel numbers are any numbers that appear in your reading in some kind of sequence or pattern.

Your life path number is a number specific to you. Any repetition of that number appearing should be a strong sign from the Universe giving you direction, either as a warning or thumbs up.

For example, if your life number is 2, seeing the Angel number 222 will hold a lot of significance.

Discovering your Angel numbers can be as simple as paying attention to your surroundings. When something significant happens, either emotionally or as an actual event, take notice of numbers appearing nearby – especially if they’re sequential.

It’s a good idea to write these numbers down so that you can draw connections later, and keep track of events or emotions that happened at the same time as the appearance of these numbers.

Most Common Angel Numbers

  • 000: This set of numbers will stick out, as they don’t often appear together for good reason. 000 is a direct sign of love and care from the Universe.

    It should be taken as assurance that someone is looking out for you and aware of your existence. You might see these numbers in a time of emotional turmoil or stress.
  • 111: One is a powerful number in Numerology, signifying new beginnings and fresh starts. People often make a wish when they see 11:11 on a clock.

    This sequence feels as if the Universe is paying attention exactly in that moment – taking note of events, needs, wants, etc.

    The Angel Numbers 111 are usually viewed as a kind of “thumbs up” from the Universe, and focus energy on positivity. – See Angel Number 111.
  • 222: Sequential 2s are a reminder from the Universe to be present. This reminder is found not only in Numerology, but in other religions and ways of life.

    Humans, as developed as we are, have a tendency to think ahead or linger on the past. The repetition of 2s in your life calls you back to the present to focus on where you are at that exact moment. – See Angel Number 222.
  • 666: This, for many people especially in the Western world, feels like a bad omen. We’ve come to think of 666 as a “bad” number due to biblical connotation.

    But in Eastern cultures, the number 6 is auspicious and 666 signs can be found hanging in shop windows. If you’re seeing 666 everywhere, it’s most likely a sort of reality check.

    The Universe is asking you to take stock of your life and see if you’re where you should be, or need to re-direct yourself. – See Angel Number 666
  • 888: If you see this sequence, try to contain your excitement. The repetition of the number 8 is a sign that you’re on a path of abundance.

    This can be related to finances or any other success in life. However it works out, it’s important to stay grateful during this time of prosperity, and to resist greed. – See Angel Number 888.
  • 999: 9s are commonly seen when goals and plans are coming to fruition. If you’ve been working toward something, seeing sequences of 9s is a sign that you’re almost at the finish line.

    It’s also a push to start thinking ahead and plan new goals now that you’re nearing success – See Angel Number 999.

Angel Numbers as Warnings

A few Angel numbers are seen as warnings. This doesn’t necessarily make them “bad,” but they should stop an individual and make them think – what could be going wrong? Are you on the right path?

The most common Angel number viewed as a warning sign is 722. It seems like a very random number to have crop up in your life, but if it does, this is a sign that you need to slow down and take care of yourself.

You’re getting too close to burning out and need to take stock of your health, both mental and physical.

There are a few other number sequences that are often considered to be some kind of warning. While they might not be pointing toward negative events or close-at-hand downfalls, it’s important to listen to what they’re telling you.

  • 4321: It’s less common to see a repetition of sequence of four numbers, but 4321 is one to keep an eye out for. Seeing 4321 means that you’re too focused on the negative energy in your life, and need to take a deep breath and let it go.

    You might be jealous, resentful, or feeling insecure. It’s important to let go of this negativity. The Universe is letting you know that if it continues, it’ll only hold you back.
  • 555: Change is coming if you see this sequence. Of course, you won’t know whether the change is good or bad; but maybe you feel the hair on the back of your neck rise up when you see 555 somewhere in your life.

    Change can be great if you’re willing to embrace it. When this sequence shows up try to keep an open mind and ready yourself for a shift. – See Angel Number 555.
  • 777: Like 722, 777 is a softer reminder to relax and stop being fearful. While it isn’t quite the push to start taking care of yourself more, you could be close to burning yourself out.

    Seeing 777 is a chance to take a deep breath and slow down. – See Angel Number 777
  • 4/6 repetition: Combinations of 4 and 6 appearing together indicate that you’re becoming superficial, too focused on material possessions.

    This is a sign that you need to take time to look within and appreciate what can’t be physically held in your hands.

All About Interpretation

Numerology, despite being heavily based in mathematics, isn’t meant to lay things out clearly and without question.

Although a numerologist can help you interpret your findings and how the numbers you’re seeing might play a part in your life, it really comes down to interpretation and a person’s willingness to read the signs.

If you’re interested enough a great way to get started is to keep a running list of numbers you notice. Either write them down or put them in your phone.

Reflect on what’s happening at the time, how you feel, the placement of the numbers and where they’ve appeared. It’s not just about the numbers – the circumstances are important, too.

Most importantly keep in mind that Angel numbers are here to guide you. The fact that they appear is reassurance that the Universe is keeping an eye out for you and sometimes even pointing you in the right direction.

These Angel numbers will let you know when to expect change, growth, financial success, when to slow down, and when to take a closer look at yourself.

While there aren’t necessarily “bad” Angel numbers out there, these numbers can also act as warning signs. They’ll give you a heads up when you’re coming close to burning out, need a little self-care, or should brace yourself for a shift in your world.

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