Angel Numbers: Everything You Need To Know

Are you feeling like you keep on seeing the same numbers around you over and over again? While it might be a complete coincidence; chances are that you are experiencing some form of ‘divine intervention’.

Our guardian angels are always watching over us, and they also communicate with us. However, as, ‘God speaks in mysterious ways’, so do His messengers. These numbers that you keep on seeing around you might be something that is known as an ‘Angel Number’.

Angel Numbers appear in the most obscure ways and uncanny settings, and unless you are aware of such occurrences or know how to identify and analyze them, you risk missing crucial messages straight from God’s messengers. Angels are celestial beings who exist on a vibrational plane that is higher than our mortal world.

Moreover, God, or the Source, has prohibited these angels from interfering with human lives directly. Therefore, the only way our angelic guardians can guide us in life is through such symbolic messages.

These messages reflect the universe trying to get in touch with you and paying note to them would help you make wise life decisions and recognize opportunities when they appear.

To nurture such intuition and to know what these messages infer, you must learn what angel numbers are, what they signify, and how they function. This article will provide you an in-depth insight into the ethereal world of angel numbers.

What Are Angel Numbers Exactly?

Angel numbers refer to the numbers through which our divine guardians communicate with us and provide us with wisdom and guidance. The messages are communicated through the use of repetitive numbers or number sequences that hold specific meaning in the science of numerology.

Numerology states that every number holds more meaning than just its quantitative value. Each number is known to hold a specific meaning and that refers to a vibrational frequency in which our angelic guardians reside.

By knowing the messages these numbers hold, you can interpret what the angelic guidance is asking you to do, avoid, change, etc. It is for these very reasons that you continue seeing the same numbers over and over again in your daily lives. It is the angels trying to draw your attention towards this strange occurrence and imploring you to ponder upon the significance of the same.

Why Do Angels Use Numbers to Communicate?

Angels are celestial creatures and reside in a realm that is different in its vibrational frequency to the world that we inhabit. The vibrational frequency in the world of angels is much higher than that of our world and therefore, communication has to take through the medium of our minds, with the use of symbols and signs.

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The human mind is capable of resonating and communicating with the forces that reside in the angelic realm and therefore, are the only organ of our body that is capable of receiving divine messages. Similarly, numbers also have specific vibrational frequencies attached to them that resonate with the frequencies of the angelic realm. Interpreting the vibrational meanings of these messages through number will help you unravel the guidance that Source is sending your way.

When you see the occurrence of such repetitive numbers or number sequences in your life, it would be wise to sit back and look up their exact angelic significance. If the meaning behind these numbers seems to relate closely with your current situation in life, it would do you good to pay heed to the guidance and use this message to improve your situation.

How Do Angel Numbers Function?

Angel numbers function through the medium of synchronicity and meaningful coincidence. Psychologist, CJ Jung coined the term ‘synchronicity’ to refer to the theory that every human mind is connected to the universe in an entity known as the ‘collective unconscious’.

Synchronicity happens most uncannily, and hold deep meaning, implying messages that have been sent to us from a higher realm of consciousness. Such a meaningful coincidence can take place in the form of numbers as well.

These number sequences can appear in any form. It might be at the end of a phone number, or the total value of your bill, or simply the date. If you are seeing such a repetitive appearance of the same number or number sequence, chances are that it is an angel number. They might be inferring to imminent danger, or something much deeper and meaningful. This is where the numerological meanings prove to be crucial.

What Does It Mean When Angel Numbers Stop Appearing?

Communicating with an angel is not similar to communicating with your best friend. You do not constantly text each other and it is quite likely that these messages are sent within great spans of time. Imagine, if you constantly saw angel numbers every day, everywhere you went? They would soon start to lose the significance that makes them special.

However, if you know how to detect divine messages and spot angel numbers and interpret them, you would not miss an angel number when it starts appearing in your life. Therefore, it is important to know the numerological significance behind such numbers, the details of which will be elaborated in the following section of this article.

The Meaning Of Different Angel Numbers

Every number holds a special numerological meaning and a combination of the same can mean several different things based on the pattern of combination and the individual meanings behind each number. Below is provided the meaning for all the individual angel numbers. However, for combinations, it is best if you delve deeper into the significance of that exact combination. The meaning for each angel number is as follows:

  • Angel Number 0- Angel number 0 is tied with the concepts of eternity. This number can make appearances in your life during a time of spiritual awakening or an authentic approach towards life. It is a way in which your angelic guardians are reassuring you that you are on the correct path in life and that you should focus on not straying from it, as more happiness is yet to follow.
  • Angel Number 1- Angel number 1 signifies that you need to start trusting yourself and having the confidence and belief that you can become successful. If you continuously keep on seeing angel number 1, it would be wise to embark upon that new venture you were prospecting or make a career shift. You must remain positive and tackle ‘new waters’ with courage and confidence.
  • Angel Number 2- Angel number 2 implies that you take time to reflect upon yourself. It is a sign that you need to dig deeper and ask yourself the question of what you want from your life. It might also be a great time to reshuffle your goals. The number 2 also holds the meaning that you might be pressurized in life by other people at the moment and that despite all issues you should have faith in your beliefs and prioritize your thoughts above those of others.
  • Angel Number 3- Angel Number 3 signifies that something might be suffocating you or holding you back and that it is best if you let it out. It might refer to something that you are hiding from another person or a venture that you have been avoiding. Irrespective of the circumstances, angel number 3 is asking you to embrace such situations and unburden yourself.
  • Angel Number 4- Angel number 4 lays importance on the foundational qualities of a person’s life. It asks you the question ‘Are you paying attention to the things that are most important to you?’ It might refer to your mental or physical health, your relationships, or giving value to yourself. If you see the angel number 4 constantly, maybe you should start to address these areas of your life and improve them.
  • Angel Number 5- The significance of angel number 5 is change. This number might make an appearance when everything in your life is at a standstill, or the monotony of existence is gnawing at you. It would be wise to change things in life when this number starts to appear. It might also indicate that a positive change is about to happen.
  • Angel Number 6- Angel number 6 refers to balance in life, more importantly, the balance between work life and personal life. If this number keeps on appearing in your daily life, maybe it is time to reflect upon the things that are getting ignored because of how you prioritize different aspects of your life. Maybe it is time to change that order and pay attention to the areas that require tending.
  • Angel Number 7- Angel number 7 signifies peace and quiet. If you keep seeing this number, it means that the universe is asking you to rest your body and heal it from within. Taking a vacation, or spending quality time with yourself are the recommended activities. You will feel reenergized and approach your life goals with revitalized vigor and enthusiasm.
  • Angel Number 8- The number 8 is closely interlinked with concepts of hardship and challenge. If you are seeing this number constantly, chances are that tough days are coming, or if you are already in it, it is asking you to know that it will not last forever and that through endurance and faith, even this shall pass. Therefore, remain positive and hold on the belief of happier future days.
  • Angel Number 9- Angel number 9 signifies compassion. If you are constantly seeing this number, it means that you might not be showing appropriate compassion and empathy to certain individuals in your life or even to yourself. Trying to be kind to others and empathizing with them, and not judging yourself too harshly is at the core of these symbolic messages.

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