Angel Number 38 Meaning *2021 Update*- Be Aware of This…

If you happen to come across number 38 frequently, do not worry. It is a sign from your guardian angels. Through this gesture, they are reminding you that they are there to guide and support you.

Your angels communicate through symbols to catch your attention and convey important messages. For example, they send the number 38 when you need encouragement to go after your goals and dreams.

It is important that you stay open and attentive to receive and understand these messages. While some may need some deciphering, they will make a tremendous impact in your life.

Angel Number 38 Meaning

If you keep on seeing Angel Number 38, you likely don’t enjoy staying by yourself.

You are highly sociable and seek emotional stability in your relationships. You need to be aware of the company you keep, and discard fake friends.

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The number 38 is made up of the individual numbers, 3 and 8. Each number holds a significant meaning that you can apply to your life.

First, the number 3 stands for communication, inspiration, creativity, self–expression, expansion, spontaneity, encouragement, and growth. It is also the number of manifesting your desires into reality.

8, on the other hand, represents truth, abundance, wealth, confidence, and inner wisdom. When you continue to see this value, you are likely to obtain success.

When the two numbers come together, the significance increases dramatically. Those impacted by 38 are positive, courageous, and find joy in coming up with creative ways to achieve their goals. Moreover, they have the unique ability to work with people in impressive ways.

They are hard-working people and fueled by meaningful interactions with others. They spread the power of positivity and have the special ability to give that light to others.

The Spiritual Significance

Did you know that this angel number is connected to the master number 11?

It’s true. The root of number 38 yields 11. This special high-frequency number represents people who have a high possibility of spiritual realization and a role in this world as a lightworker.

If you were looking for a call from above, this message could indicate that you are here to help humanity with your unique skill-set.

If you are unsure about your calling, take some time to communicate with your Ascended Masters and guardian angels so they can guide you on the right path.

With a calm mind and open heart, you are bound to receive guidance from above through visions, spiritual lessons, or dreams. This will align you to the divine source and bring your goals to fruition.

Abundance With Angel Number 38

This angel number is a sign that you are slowly uplifting your own life. You will soon see abundance materialize when you least expect it. This could take any form like bonuses, winnings, additional income, or even inheritance.

These financial blessings are an answer to your hard work and prayers. It could be the turning point you have been waiting for all your life. Your guardian angels are conveying that you should not waste this chance to make the most of the resources available to you. Ultimately, you can achieve your goals.

Since these blessings do not come knocking on your door every day, it is important that you grab them with both of your hands and make the most of them.

You can create these chances yourself if you work hard in the right direction, guided by your prayers. You are fully responsible for the rewards of your hard work.


If you are in an unmotivated funk, know that you can always count on your guardian angels for encouragement. They will guide you back on your path so that you can continue working toward your goals.

This angel number symbolizes hope and happiness. It is important that you let more bliss and joy into your life. Don’t get caught up in negativity. Small wins and changes could be the boost that you need to stay motivated.

No matter what happens in your life, never lose hope. There is always a rainbow after a rain shower. You must accept your reality and work toward bettering your situation. This is the time to keep pushing harder toward your goals.

Angel Number 38 And Finances

Have you recently faced a financial struggle? If so, this message from your angels could not have appeared at a better time.

The universe wants to reassure you that all the tireless effort you have put into your work and goals are not in vain. They will be recognized and rewarded soon. It’s just a matter of time before you can harvest the results of your hard work.

While you may not be financially stable currently, you do not need to worry. Your angels are watching over you and will provide the support you need.

Remember that your rewards are close to the horizon. So, make sure that you do not give up. Stay focused and continue down the same path you are following. All the long hours will pay dividends in due time.

Stay optimistic and hopeful. As long as you move ahead with confidence, you will see the success you have built.


Right now, your angels are sending you messages of hope. Do not worry about whether you are on the right track currently. Be confident and never give up on yourself.

If you find yourself lacking confidence, you might be facing the effects of 1207 angel number.

Here’s the thing: you are talented and able to create the life that you want. All you need to do is keep going. Always remember that regardless of how miserable you may feel, things will get better soon. Learn to compose yourself and stay focused on your long-term goals.

You can have a future filled with abundance and prosperity if you desire. Your guardians want to extend their support so that you can remain on your path and continue onwards toward success.

If you are striving for a raise or a new opportunity, this is a sign that you are about to be blessed. New opportunities also manifest themselves in the form of Master Number 55.

Do not let anyone stand in your way to the abundance that you deserve. Move ahead with authority and stand tall. Remember that your guardian angels are there to support you at all times.

Your Love Life

Are you the type of person who is always looking for a partner?

Another angel number that focuses heavily on love and relationships is 1555. See 1555 meaning here.

You are not one to involve yourself with risky partnerships. Instead, you like loyal, faithful, and organized people. Some of you may get involved with colleagues or business partners. If this sounds like you, be careful to not mix work and pleasure. This could prove dangerous if it doesn’t work out in the long-run.

When you reduce the angel number to a single digit, you get the number 2. Hence, it possesses the qualities of 2, 3, and 8. As a combination of all three numbers, 38 symbolizes spirituality, companionship, tolerance, and coexistence.

If you continue to see this angel number, it could mean that you are looking for a more stable relationship. Evaluate your current partnerships and determine if you need to make any shifts.

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