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Do you find yourself seeing the number 66 often? Almost repeating itself so it catches your attention? Are you wondering why you see that particular number, and none other?

You may be pondering on why the number 66, in particular, keeps on appearing in your view. Think no further … don’t just push it out of your head, just because you may be busy, or have other “more important” things to do.

Pay attention to the number – it has come as communication from an angel. It has come into your perception as a device from a well-meaning spirit – a spirit that is looking out for your well being.

Angel number 66 may denote some great information that you may make sense of in your life, and it will enrich your existence in some way.

Meaning of Angel Number 66

The Angel Number 66 is a number with intense power. It is a number that signifies love of an unconditional nature. It symbolizes healing and trust of the Divine.

It has a number of indications for you to excel in your relationships, your career, or your family life, whatever consumes your everyday existence.

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What message a number like 66 brings is that you should put your faith, wholeheartedly, in the power of the Divine. You should leave all your reservations behind and fall right into the arms of this trust.

The universe’s kindness and blessing will fall unto you as you go through your daily life, meeting pitfalls with ease and convenience.

The single number 6, already a powerful number in the spiritual universe, is developed more in its energy when it is combined with its twin, another single number 6 – to make the number 66. The energy of number 6, is thus, doubled.

Number 6, on its own, has all the traits of servitude, family life, home, relationships, humanitarianism, social interaction and responsibility, and domestic life.

It will bring grace, gratitude, and a simple and singular thought process with it – this brings clarity of thought in determining what is a priority in life, what is really important to lead a fulfilled existence.

Number 6 is energizing, bringing out your hidden innate power to will yourself to meet your goals, with guidance and care of the angels who are looking out for you.

When combined with another 6, to make the Angel Number 66, that energy is amplified, made stronger, so goals are met with ease. So it is a spirited and positive number urging you to do more, to go that extra mile, that you may not have treaded by yourself earlier in your life.

Know More About Number 66

You will automatically see the power of the angels when you see Angel Number 66. It is a positive number, an encouraging message to go and live your best life on a daily basis.

It asks you to maintain a balance between your physical world, your material desires , and your spiritual soul. In this way, your life will have focus, and consequently, purpose, something that may not have been abundantly clear to you before you viewed the numbers.

This number is an uplifting source of power, bringing you to the point of exuding yourself to to your best, and giving you the confidence you need. Leave your anxiety behind and put any fear to rest as you leave your problems to the angels to solve.

Too much confidence may also be problematic, see personality number 9 for more of an explanation.

Letting go of all your baggage will satisfy all your needs – material, monetary, and those to do with the contentment of the soul and spirit.

When you reveal that you are open to receiving help from the angels, you will see the full fruits of the power that the spirits have to offer you.

The source of help will always be the angels, but the mediums may be through situations or other people in your daily life. You must enjoy your companions, your friends, and the family you are surrounded by, and accept their unconditional love and support.

If you see the same number paired with it’s an identical number, you are more fortunate than if you see the single number on its own.

The added advantage of a pair is that when you add the two numbers, here, 6+6, you get 12 as the total. If you add those two, 1+2, you get 3, so you get the added advantages that number 3 has to offer as well.

Angel number 3 is a highly positive number as well. It stands for inspiration and creativity. So Angel number 66 actually represents a blend of the powers of 6 and 3 – family, tolerance, love, optimism, imagination, and idealism.

Reasons Why You See Angel Number 66

When the angels send you messages through numbers, you may encounter them in the places you’d least expect – perhaps, appearing on a television screen, then again on a clock.

Wherever you are seeing the Angel number 66 repeatedly, it means that the angels desire that you walk the right path in your life.

They want that you focus on the right direction or get some clarity if you have doubts about a decision you need to take. They may want you to be creative, or for you to hone your abilities to care and nurture others, maybe a close friend or a family member.

Maybe you are spending too much time doing other things and not focus on the home and family as much as you need to. Reasons why you may be seeing Angel number 66 may be the following:

  • Angels want you to strengthen your bonds with family and friends
  • Angels want you to prioritize your goals and focus on what’s important
  • Seeing the Angel number 66 may be a sign that you need to use your imagination and creativity to reach your goals
  • Angels want your ultimate happiness and steering you in the right direction will lead to harmony in your life.
  • It may be a sign to get rid of negative or unwanted thought processes – these may be obstacles in your progress, and you may not have realized this
  • Signs that you should be self-confident that you are making the correct decisions, with support from the angels
  • It may be that you have a fear of failure, but this is a sign of assurance that you should be positive and you may well succeed, if only you try in the first place

Angel Number 66 Helps You Resolve Problems

  • The repeated appearance of this number may indicate an improvement in relations with your loved ones, may be if relations are strained, they will improve. It may be a clear sign that you should make the first move and be optimistic about the outcome.
  • Seeing the number maybe a warning regarding finances – if you are worrying about monetary issues, the spirits are telling you to quell your worries, and helping you to think of concrete solutions. Once you stop investing all your energy in worry, you will have clarity of thought to find answers.
  • There may be other issues or family problems that need solving, that only you and other loved ones can work on together as a team. This gives you a chance to bond as a family and get through hurdles with support and trust – plus the spiritual backing of the angels.

To people like accountants, investment bankers, scientists, and mathematicians, numbers may be an all important part of their lives. Perhaps, numbers may be relevant to those working in the fields of architecture and engineering as well – or play an important role in the lives of business-people too.

This is the collective knowledge we have of the importance of numbers in our world as we know it. Nonetheless, numbers are far more important than we may venture to think – and not just to those mentioned in the professions above.

It is a widely recognized fact today that millions of people around the world believe that numbers have some kind of deciding influence on one’s life.

It’s uncanny that more people than ever study ”numerology“ as a science today – it is an ancient system of comprehending the universe and determining where one fits into that universe. It was used by kings and laymen in Ancient Egypt and Babylon.

 Its study can be traced back to antecedents in the ancient civilizations of China and Japan in the east, to Rome and Greece in the west. Every number is important as it relates to different people in a specific and unique way.

A part of the importance of numbers in our lives has to do with angel numbers.

Sometimes, we may see a repeated series of numbers, or a single number, repeatedly. This isn’t just some happy coincidence. We see them for a reason.

At first, you may brush these occurrences off and treat them casually. They are far from casual and should be acknowledged as ways in which your guardian angels are trying to communicate with you.

The numbers tend to appear in everyday contexts and circumstances – they may be on doors, in telephone numbers, on your mail, on clocks, or in any other most daily event.

In Conclusion

You need to realize that the angels are behind you every step of the way. Numerology, like astrology, when rightly interpreted, can have far reaching effects and power to help you live to your optimum best.

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