321 Angel Number *2021 Update*- You Need To Let Go Of…

Since ancient times, numerologists have studied number patterns that repeat inexplicably in our lives and what they try to tell us.

Known as ‘angel numbers’, such patterns or sequences of numbers are somewhat like encrypted messages that the angels reveal to individuals for divine guidance.

As the practice of numerology has faded from modern societies across the globe, most men today don’t bother to read into repeating number sequences.

What Is Angel Number 321?

Seeing Angel Number 321 is a telltale sign that you should identify the toxic relationships in your life.

As the angel number tells you to embrace positivity and let go of negativity, you should waste no time in severing ties with those who make you feel miserable and unhappy.

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If you are one of those people who frequently encounter the number 321, then here’s what the number is trying to tell you; you have to start following your heart and everything it tells you.

And no, we’re not just saying this based on some random interpretation. You see, the 321 angel number is a combination of the energies that the numbers 3, 2, and 1 possess.

So, to understand the complete breakdown of what the number 321 is telling you, you have to first know what 1, 2, and 3 stand for.

Plus, there’s another number that makes its presence felt in the 3-2-1 sequence. Read on to find what that number is.

Number 1

We create our own reality and that’s basically the essence of angel number 1. The number possesses positive energies that symbolize instinct, new beginnings, taking forward steps, motivation, initiative, confidence, determination, and leadership.

Number 2

All our souls are divine and they all have a singular purpose; to make the world a better place. Number 2 delivers this message as it conveys the energies of balance, faith, harmony, trust, selflessness, sensitivity, collaboration, and service.

Number 3

3 is one of the most potent angel numbers because it carries in it the wisdom and energies of those who were once humans, but who are now, the Ascended Masters; souls that still stir in the winds around us, even though their bodies are long gone. 3 also stands for expansion and expression of the self through creativity, spontaneity, and freedom.

Number 6

The mysterious fourth number is none other than 6, which is what you get when you add the numbers 3, 2, and 1. The number 6 symbolizes family, home, stability, responsibility, and providing for loved ones.

The Complete Message Of Number 321 Revealed

  • To have faith in the heart’s desires: Through the 321 angel number, the angels are asking you to place your faith in all the desires of your heart. It is a number that should make you optimistic about all the things that you want to do in life and hopeful that all your efforts will bring you success, satisfaction, and contentment.
  • To give shape to your ideas: The 321 angel number isn’t just about being hopeful and optimistic.

    Through this number, the angels want to tell you just how important it is to get the ball rolling by first expanding your ideas and giving them shape so that they can find their ways out of your heart and mind and into the material world.
  • To stand firm in the face of your fears: No matter how optimistic you are, there will be challenges as you strive towards achieving all that you want. At times, these challenges will try to weaken your resolve and make you give in to fear. However, the number 321 is a reminder for you to remain tough and ride the waves of fear and self-doubt by persevering to believe in yourself.
  • To call out for divine assistance: When your strength is waning and your confidence is down, it can feel incredibly difficult to believe in your dreams and aspirations.

    Through the 321 angel number, the angels are reminding you that they are always there to support you and give you strength when you don’t find any in yourself. All you need to do is to reach out to them.
  • To not be overwhelmed by negativity: The world is made up of positive energies and negative energies and the two energies are eternally at war with one another. However, which energy you want to harness inside your heart is your choice. Angel number 321 reveals how important it is to let the light shine on the inside so that the dark can be kept at bay.
  • To be sensitive and caring: As the numbers 1, 2, and 3, when added, give us 6, there’s also a hidden message in the 321 angel number.

    As 6 is symbolic of love, care, and sensitivity, it tells you to be kind and compassionate towards the ones you love and hold dear.

    By listening to this advice, you can establish profound, long-lasting relationships that you can bank on for all your life.

Keep in mind – Overly compassionate people often have a strong connection to Soul Urge Number 9.

How Should You Respond?

Now that you know all about what the angels are trying to communicate to you by using the 321 angel number, it’s time to talk about how you should respond.

We are using the word ‘respond’ here and not ‘react’ as it is only through a conscious and calculated response that you can let the will of the angels be done.

So here are some of the steps that you should take to respond appropriately when you see the angel number 321 repeatedly:

  • Identify toxic relationships and put an end to them: Toxic relationships have become part and parcel of modern-day human lives and they do more damage than you can possibly imagine.

    One of the greatest dangers of such relationships is that in most cases, you won’t even realize how damaging they are until it’s too late.
  • Heal damaged relationships: The illusion of toxic relationships is such that when we are blinded by it, we often tend to hurt the relationships that really matter for us.

    321 is a sign that you need to repair the bridges that you once burnt so that the positivity you once chose to lose comes back to you again.

Don’t be afraid to ask for forgiveness from the people you have hurt in the past. While forgiving you is a choice that’s totally theirs to make, if you apologize for your mistakes sincerely, there’s no reason why they can’t find it in their hearts to forgive you.

  • Start being creative in everything you do: Being creative has its risks, most definitely. But not being creative can result in a life that is boring, dull, and mundane.

    Make a habit of thinking and doing along the same lines every day and before you know it, the flickering creative spark in your heart will well and truly go out for good.

Start approaching every task in your life with a creative outlook, no matter how mundane some of them are. By employing creativity, you will begin to experience life anew, with each task feeling fresh and giving you different results.

Be it at home or work, this new creative approach can rejuvenate you and significantly improve how you think and how you feel.

  • Pay attention to what makes you comfortable: As long as our souls are sheltered by our bodies, we will be a part of the material world and we have to think materialistically.

    Angel number 321 should encourage you to pay close attention to all the material necessities and luxuries that you need and want to lead a comfortable life.

While challenges wait for us at every bend, it’s also important to keep our minds off the difficulties when they are not around. If you aren’t comfortable in the material world, you will be forever fighting a war inside your head, which will render you tired when the real challenges come calling.

  • Make ‘the desired’ your priority: Most importantly, the 321 angel number should motivate you to focus on what you desire and not on what you don’t.

    Too many of us make the mistake of overthinking about the uncomfortable situations that we would rather avoid. But in doing so, we build up tons of stress that affect us both mentally and physically.

Instead, prioritize only the things you want. Even if thoughts of potential obstacles do make their way into your mind, let them pass and shift all your attention back to your desires.

So if you have seen the number pattern 321 repeatedly for some time, it’s time to take action and listen to the message from the angels.

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