123 Meaning *2021 Update*- Numerology Angel Number Meaning

Numerology is a divine art that helps us understand our life path. It guides us in our journey, our search for the meaning of life, and our purpose in it.

It is a spiritual art that has been connected to tarot and astrology. By looking at different numbers associated with our lives, we can overcome our doubts and embrace our unique talents in this life.

In numerology, each number has a special meaning. For example, if you keep on seeing the number 123, you need to make a change in your life to reach your life purpose. Get rid of things and people that no longer serve you.

It is important to note that a number like 11, 111, and 1111 is the repetition of the number 1. These numbers are an amplification of the number 1. When we add the numbers together, the meaning changes.

Number 11 becomes 2, which is considered to be artistic. While 1111 becomes 4, it is known to lack imagination at times.

Today, we are going to discuss the meaning of the number 123 as it holds a special significance. You will learn insights that will help you understand your life better.

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What Does Angel Number 123 Mean?

The angel number is a messenger that informs us about the futility of a certain life choice or person.

Angel Number 123 means you may have been led away from your goals or life purpose.

Right now, your angels want you to know that you have devoted your energy to something other than your passion and purpose.

Is there someone in your life that has distracted you from your goals? Have they pulled you away from your friends or family?

This number doesn’t just talk about things we have to achieve, but it also speaks about the people in our lives. At times, we can be led away from people who serve no purpose in our lives. Or we could be the one leading them astray.

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What can you do to get back to reaching your goals?

Look for happiness. It doesn’t have to be material goods or people who make us happy. It’s better that we live simple lives based on our own merit.

Get rid of people who are constantly draining your energy and keeping you away from your dreams. You need positive energy around to achieve your purpose.

Are you chasing a dream but feel like it keeps on drifting further away from you?

It is normal. Sometimes, we need to take a step back, relax, and let life take its course. Don’t get caught up in the trivial everyday drama. Allow life to happen and don’t resist. It may lead you somewhere you could have never imagined.

Your angels want you to believe in your skills, capabilities, and to start taking yourself seriously. Stop fearing the unknown and have faith that all will work out.

When you have nothing but positive energy in your life, you can work on your goals with joy.

Getting rid of fear is also a principle under 33333 meaning.

Significance of 1, 2 and 3 in the angel number 123

The angel number 123 as a whole symbolizes the measures you need to take to reach your highest potential. These steps could lead you to experience better personal fulfilment and satisfaction.

You will enter a new phase of life through a new business collaboration or partnership. You might find your life partner or something even good may happen which you least expected.

If you keep seeing 123 everywhere, it is a reassurance from your guardians that they are with you. New opportunities come your way; a better job, more money or the love of your life you were searching for long.

Number 1

1 represents new opportunities, leadership, motivation, ambition and originality. If you have 1 in your numerology chart or seeing 123 recently, you can confidently take bold steps and move ahead. New beginnings are definitely on the cards.

Number 2

Number 2 signifies teamwork, cooperation and partnership. The strong vibration associated with this number influences you to be cooperative, flexible and diplomatic in your professional life, which aids in realizing your ambitions that arise out of the vibrations of number 1.

Both number 1 and number 2 come with powerful frequencies and when these are tapped into at the right time, you are sure to benefit great.

Number 3

Number 3 symbolizes creativeness, enthusiasm and expansion. When you are influenced by this number, you become more expressive and look for ways to communicate your ideas and beliefs.

Things start turning your way and this is when you can make the most. You will be at your creative best and all it requires is to be alert.

The angel number 123 is also an expression of the number 6, since this is the number you get when 123 is translated to a single digit (1+2+3=6).

Number 6 is highly balanced and is believed to bring peace and harmony into your life. If you are seeing 123 repeatedly, it is a secret message that your personal life will be at its best.

To summarize, the combined influences of 1, 2 and 3 boost the angel number 123. When your divine angels are trying to communicate to you about the potential changes in your life and the steps you need to take to reach your goals, slow down.

Trust your angels and understand the deeper meaning associated with the number pattern you are seeing.

What Does This Number Mean for Your Love Life?

The universe is giving you a sign that changes are about to happen in your love life. This is important for those in a relationship and single people.

If you are in a relationship, this could be a do or die moment. While this seems extreme, you must take this message seriously.

It is time to progress your relationship to the next level if it is serving you well. You should not remain stagnant in your current phase.

On the other hand, if your relationship is filled with abuse or hurt feelings, it will not last. It will continue to drain you of all of the positive energy you have inside. The only way to move forward in this situation is to let go and find a better path.

If you are single, you may be afraid that you will never find a special someone. If you are recently single after a relationship, it can mean two things.

Either you need to start making changes in your life to avoid repeating the same toxic relationship or be content with being single for the time being.

Sometimes things don’t work out. Whether it was a bad relationship or you needed the time to work on yourself, it’s okay. Give yourself the space to heal and grow. You will move in the right direction and take a step toward your future.

All in all, your angels want you to be happy and content in all of your relationships, including the one with yourself.

Why Do You Keep on Seeing This Special Number?

So far, we have addressed how this number impacts your goals and your love life. You must realize that seeing this number constantly means something significant. Let’s dig deeper.

Seeing 123 is definitely a good sign. No matter what, it will change your life for the better. While many of us fight change, often that is a mistake.

It is time for you to accept the new opportunities coming into your life and allow things that no longer serve you to leave.

Even if you are content with almost everything in your life, there may be tiny things that will keep you up at night. Do not let small problems manifest into larger issues. Let go and live in the moment.

Do you keep on receiving invitations and new opportunities?

If so, this could be a sign that you need to open the door to things that you have previously feared. It’s your time to shine and outgrow the fears that have held you back.

Do not stay in your comfort zone. Allow change and accept new experiences. That is what life is all about.

Fear doesn’t come out of anywhere. It grows stronger as you keep feeding it. You must have failed a few times in your life, and the fear has planted deep roots in your mind.

But without failure, there is no real victory. Those who win at one go, do not appreciate the victory as much.

So, let it go. You will only fail a few more times before you get it right. And what a journey that will be. It will be worth it.

The same applies to people who you have held on to for the fear that no one else will love you. It applies to those you hold back from in fear that they will leave you.

Stop living in fear. Allow yourself to enjoy the process of life every day.

Stop worrying

Once you are sure that the number 123 you are noticing repeatedly is an angel number, stop worrying. This appearance is arranged by your trusted angels to assure you that everything is going to be fine.

Do not worry if you are feeling low at your job or doing something that doesn’t interest you. The divine angels are promising striking changes that you never imagined.

Get rid of all the unwanted things in your life and stay passionate to take on the changes and challenges. Do not let the opportunities slip by.

Angels stay with you all the way but make sure to keep everything simple and try to lead a minimalistic life. Simplicity is the key to a happy life.

Find the right balance

Excess of anything can be bad. In other words, you need to stay positive and balance both your professional and personal life.

Overdoing one and ignoring the other cannot being peace. Set your priorities according to the level of merit and work on each one of them.

Elevate your life

As said in the earlier sections, the angel number 123 is no ordinary. The numbers involved in the sequence come with powerful energies that assure sweetness and success.

Since your guardian angels are with you, showing the right path, you can go ahead with your new projects. Mingle with people that wish you success and stay determined.

Follow your heart and do all that excites you. The angel number 123 promises advancements in life; so, gear up to begin a new chapter and turn your life around.

Use your skills to overcome the bumps

Nothing comes easily. When you are all out exploring your potential and looking for opportunities, you will need to take on and overcome several unexpected bumps on the way.

This might get daunting and disturb your mental peace but don’t lose hope. You are skilled enough to tackle them. Moreover, your angels are just behind you to help you take the right steps. Do what you feel is right and move on.

Are You About to Meet Your Twin Flame?

Twin flames are perfect mirrors of each other, which is quite different from being soul mates. Perfect mirrors will have a special connection to each other that they have never encountered before in their lives. It will feel like coming home.

At one point in your life, you will suddenly feel a pull toward another person. Powerful chemistry will bind you together, even in the toughest situations. When twin flames meet, they will continuously see angel numbers.

When you see the number 123, there is a good chance that you have met someone who might be your perfect mirror.

Have you recently met someone who you have connected with on a level you have never experienced before?

If so, do not let go. It is a sacred bond that you will never have with anyone else in this lifetime.

Your twin flame may help you reach your goals. They will give you the motivation and inspiration you need to keep going. While your life purpose is not to be with your perfect mirror, they could help you reach it.


This special angel number brings nothing but good tidings. Do not shy away from these special messages. It’s your time to learn more about yourself, to understand your talents, and to believe in yourself.

You have been on a long journey, a path of intense knowledge. Right now, your angels want you to know that you need to make a change. A new opportunity may come into your life soon. Be open to receiving whatever comes your way.

Numerology gives us this amazing insight into our lives. We don’t have to go looking for answers, rather they find us.

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