Angel Number 1155 Meaning *2021 Update*- A New Beginning…

To understand the meaning of number 1155, it is of crucial importance to know the meaning of the number 1 and 5.

Angel Number 1155 Meaning

When you keep seeing the number 1155, the divine realm might be asking you to prepare yourself because there will be a new beginning.

If you are in a relationship and something is causing you tremendous pain and worry, the number 1155 tells you it will soon be over and you will find the happiness and peace of mind that you are seeking.

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Angel Number sequences 1’s and 5’s are a message from your angel that a major change is taking place in your life. The combination of 1s and 5s are beginning to tell you to find new and efficient ways to rediscover your life.

You might be facing difficulties in your life and you might have been stuck with a problem for too long. You have been looking for guidance and these numbers might be your secret guide.

Angel numbers sequencing is secretly influencing your life and making it better.

Angel number 1155 begins with the number 1 which is in itself denotes a new beginning to life and new opportunities. The number 1 is also linked with the creational force of the universe.

These forces are not random but something collective which is accumulated based on our deeds and actions.

Two 1 together forms 11, the number is strongly linked to our intuition and the ability to understand the world around us and the world within us.

1 is a number of great significance and when it is lead with number 5, the significance is doubled. Then it indicates freedom, independence, and a sense of adventure.

Angel number 1155 carries a strong message that you are responsible for yourself completely. Whatever actions you take including your judgments, relationships, and so on, you are utterly responsible for everything.

This responsibility is like a flame that will smother the disbalance and bring order in your life. The angels are telling you that it’s time for you to take responsibility and the first step to that is not to blame another under any circumstance.

Angel Number 1155 and Love

The storm that has been ruining your days and making your life miserable, will subside and a bright light of love will envelop your coming days.

1155 also denotes that if you have been long yearning for love, this is the chance for you to confess your feelings to the one you love.

The angels are urging you through symbols for you to open up and pour your heart out to your loved one. If you have been having dreams of 1155 or have been spotting the same sequence of numbers in various places, chances are the angels are trying to guide you.

When it comes to love angel number 1155 may also mean that you will go through a period alone which means there might be a long distance between you and your partner.

You are ready for a new opportunity

There is an opportunity waiting for you, perhaps you know this but you have not acted because of uncertainty. Whether it’s social, financial, or love, the number 1155 is urging you to take that opportunity.

New opportunities are limited and once they knock at your door, you should accept them wholeheartedly. While it is useful to go along the directions others are going, it is much more adventurous and empowering to take a completely new direction.

Check your controlling tendencies

Many of us have controlling tendencies and would like to have everything the way we want it to be. Angel Number 1155 can be a message for you to check your controlling tendencies and give others the freedom they require. To take things lightly and give others the charge as well.

Take the road not taken

Is there something new that you wanted to do? Something that is unique and original. At times we feel like we are swept along the current of life and before we even know, we are somewhere we never planned to be in the first place.

It is your time to take your life and its flow in your own hands.

Your guiding angels are telling you to be in charge of your own life and change in a new direction which will make it better. The road not taken might be full of dangerous but it’s for you to decide and journey into the unknown, no matter the consequences.


Faithfulness is another important characteristic of these people. Angel number 1155 will never cheat on his/her emotional partner and he will be completely dedicated to that person. We can say that people with angel number 1155 are very conservative and traditional, so they are looking for someone who has the same values as they have.

Pursuing your dreams

Angel number 1155 should also remind you of your dreams. You should never give up from them and your angels will teach you how to be persistent and strong in each situation.

Dreams that you had for a long time should be ardently pursued, the number 1155 is to remind to go and chase your dreams.

This is the perfect time to do what you always aspired to do. Angels are also telling you to follow your own feelings and your intuition because it will help you find the right path in your life.

Positive Changes

The number 1155 is a message from your angels. They want you to know that it is time for changes to take place in your life. You need to start your journey toward a better version of yourself.

All your negative emotions, thoughts, and feelings are bound to change and you will lead yourself towards a happier future. The road to self-discovery is about to start and it will take you towards changes in your life which are essential for positivity and strength.

Focus more on your physical, mental, and emotional health. Let go of the negative and harmful thoughts and replace them with positive ones.

Unburden the anchor of all hurts, pain, and emotions that you have been carrying all along. A more positive state of mind will attract more good things into your life.

Angel Numbers is the harmony between Science and Spirituality. Numbers are used to communicate since ancient times and is considered a form of a universal language, in various cultures.

Repeating number patterns can be found in every dimension of life from geometry, celestial bodies, holy books, and everyday existence.

Throughout history, the spirit world has always found a way to communicate with humanity.

Our guiding angels always see our pain, struggle, limitations and helps us to free ourselves from the bondage that anchors our hearts and limits our relationship to the world and to our true selves.

How Do Angel Numbers Work?

Angels use numbers in a variety of ways to communicate essential messages to human beings. Your guiding angels at times wants to reassure you, guide you, or inspire you through numbers that have a particular sequence and meaning.

We each have a guiding angel who helps us by sending us signs in forms of repeating numbers. Angel numbers appear as groups of three and four and appear in random places like billboards, phone numbers, bill, or a license plate.

If there is an angelic communication that you need to receive, you might observe the same sequence of angel numbers in a wide range of places.

You might spot the same sequence of numbers in your dreams and if you pay attention to those numbers and decipher their meaning, you might just find the key to your problems.

What is the Meaning of Numbers in the Bible?

Numbers are highly revered in the bible as they are mostly used to denote unique scenarios and special events in the New and Old Testaments. Each number denotes a different meaning in the Bible.

Sometimes, some of these numbers are used to denote signs and symbols to explain certain mysteries. One such number is the number 3 which denotes the Holy Trinity of God the Father, holy spirit, and man.

An essential key to understand God’s word is through the meaning of Biblical Numbers. When we search out the pattern and connections of angelic numbers we reveal the work of God. The first thing to do when witnessing angelic numbers is to feel grateful.

In Conclusion

Numerology is any belief in a divine, mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events. It is often associated with the paranormal, alongside astrology and similar divinatory arts. Numerology has been performed since ancient times.

Our report will tell you about the role played by the numbers in your life. Just provide your details by visiting the link above.

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